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"When things are in order, they're easier to deal with."— Dr.Purushothaman Kollam

Don’t Be Guilty When Making Friendship

Do you have close friends who never change? In addition, do you have friends who are always striving to improve? Both can be good friends, but the former will seem strange to you in the future because of how different you are from him now. Friendship can be a difficult thing to achieve. It’s just too raw. It’s especially true when it comes to long-term relationships, though. There are two main obstacles that I face: • What is a true friend? • Is it acceptable to grow apart from friends? First and foremost, I’ve come to understand that a true friend is someone who genuinely cares about your well-being. It’s done. In the words of Aristotle: ‘The man who wishes me well does so because he cares about me,’ says my best friend. ‘Many people, in my opinion, place unrealistically high standards on friendships. It’s imperative that you always look

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To Be Happy In Life, Try To Be Self-reliant

Modern society has not progressed at all since it was first introduced. Certainly, technological advancements have occurred. It’s better for the world too. Societal changes haven’t taken place in the meantime. In his 1841 essay, Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson stated it best: “Societal change can be seen as a wave. Despite the movement of the wave, the water of which it is composed does not. “Humans haven’t evolved in a significant way. The issues you’re currently dealing with aren’t anything new. And one of those issues is that we’re a little too reliant on others. Very reliant. What’s wrong with that? You can never be truly happy unless you are able to rely on yourself. Even though, in my opinion, happiness isn’t the point of life, it’s still important to us. Quality of life is directly correlated to the level of contentment. Nobody wants to lead a dreary existence. Consider

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Learning To Say No Is A Good Thing To Follow

When presented with a new opportunity, we believe we should always say “yes.” Many of us are afraid of missing out on valuable opportunities because we don’t want to say no. We don’t respect our own time when we say yes to everything. We say yes to every opportunity that comes our way without a second thought. Saying “no” is not something we often consider a skill. If our boss asks us to turn in a report before the end of the day while we’re at work, we’ll say, “sure thing.” Often, we have to put other things on hold because of it. Throughout my life, I was never afraid of anything, and I had no fear of failing. So what if I don’t make the shot?  – Michael Jordan In our personal lives, we say yes, all the time. When friends ask if we’d like to go out while

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Be Assertive In Taking Decisions

Have you ever stated your opinion only to be shot down by someone else? Maybe by your spouse, boss, parents, or best friend? Or even a stranger? It happened to me many times in the past. Saying what you think is hard. Growing up, I always had an opinion about everything. Having an opinion doesn’t mean you know everything. It just means you have something to say. You could be wrong. But often, my teachers, friends, girlfriends, co-workers, and even friends would immediately say things like, “That’s not true!” So gradually, I gave up speaking my mind. I became afraid. Last week, I published an article about why I avoid toxic people. I mentioned that I think less than 1 per cent of the population has values. You wouldn’t believe how many people were offended by my opinion. “How do you know it’s less than 1 per cent!” And a

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Trying To Be A SuperHero Is Not A Good Thing

Say hello to Superman! What’s going on with you? Is it possible to work on multiple projects at once? Consider a vacation? A family to look after? Are you having trouble keeping up with your monthly obligations? Attending the gym on a daily basis? Having a night out with friends? And you’re always trying to solve problems that aren’t even your own?? I’m sure you’re handling it all. The problem is that you’re not a superhero. As a result, stop behaving as if you’re one. If you want to succeed, you can’t do everything on your own. For a time, I believed I was Superman because I was able to accomplish so much in my company. In addition, I thought I could write blog posts, and create online courses, podcasts, and YouTube videos. However, I was not Superman. Previously, I was known as an Idiot man. You may believe that

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Positive Affirmations Will Work, Irrespective Of Your understanding

A few years ago, I was sceptical of the efficacy of positive affirmations. This isn’t a problem that I’m dealing with alone. They’re despised by the majority of my social circle. It’s just like those cheesy self-help audiotapes from the 1980s and 1990s that you used to listen to. Many of those cheesy statements are still in use. ‘I radiate beauty, charm, and grace,’ read a picture of a sunset I came across the other day. That’s just not my cup of tea. Affirmations, on the other hand, are based on sound theory. It’s backed by research, too. There is an issue with their reputation. Make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t give you the creeps. This article is for you if you’re sceptical of affirmations. I’ll show you how I put this tried-and-true method to use in my own life. You can use affirmations to affirm

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Perception & Reality Are One And The Same

Do you ever feel as if others don’t understand you? You may have the impression that co-workers don’t understand you. As a result of a disagreement between you and your friends. Maybe you’re being misunderstood by others. That’s not because of them, but most likely because of your own behaviour, not because of theirs. Why? I’ll explain. For the first time in my professional career, I joined a large London-based IT research firm several years ago. About 200 people were working on my floor alone. For the first time in my life, I was a member of a large team. People can only judge you by their own perception of you, as one of my mentors taught me when we were working in large groups. Perception differs from reality quite frequently, don’t you think? Here is an example of what I’m referring to. There were multiple interviews and committee members

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Do You Know How Multitasking Affects Your Productivity

Whether we realise it or not, we are all multitaskers. Every day, we are bombarded with a slew of messages vying for our time and attention. We give in to interruptions far too often, resulting in a state I refer to as ‘respond mode.’ When you’re in this state of mind, you respond to every message that comes your way. If you don’t work in customer service, this will have a negative impact on your work. Facebook, email, news apps, and a slew of other communication channels vie for your time and attention. To write an email without being interrupted by a text message from your co-worker or phone call seems to be an impossible task. We can’t focus on our work if we’re constantly responding to messages. It takes more effort and time to switch tasks every time we get side-tracked. The majority of people’s days are spent juggling

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How To Take Good Decisions By This Mental Health Model

How do you know if you’ve made a good decision? Many people’s responses to that question include: “When the end result is positive. “Why do we, as a society, romanticise the outcomes of our actions? ‘ When something or someone succeeds, they are praised. All you have to do is look at the number of articles and books dedicated to successful individuals. That is, to a certain extent, a given. The problem is, however, that it is also deceptive in nature. It’s easy for us to overlook cases that didn’t end in success. When we examine failure, we are quick to point out the reasons for it. In retrospect, we can all say that mistakes were inevitable. Then why do we still make decisions that we later regret if avoiding mistakes is so simple? Consider the Titanic. That Southampton-to-New York cruise ship made many costly mistakes, and we all know

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How To Get Freedom From Loneliness

How often do you feel isolated? I miss someone for many reasons and that’s what this is. It’s our belief that everyone should feel lonely when they’re on their own. Having a sense of isolation can be a very real experience. That’s not something I’m going to argue about—I’ll leave that to the world’s psychiatrists. To those who take things literally, this article is not for you. Please continue reading if you are willing to be open-minded. Loneliness is a waste of time and energy. That’s why I don’t believe in the existence of loneliness. It’s a story that we, as a species, have concocted.    Here are a few examples of what I mean: It’s a good idea to have at least 500 close friends. To be single is to be a scumbag. Divorce means you’ve failed. People who are crazy life alone. Loneliness becomes a problem when we

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