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"When things are in order, they're easier to deal with."— Dr.Purushothaman Kollam

Let Us Focus On The End Result, Rather Than The What & Why

Imagine if your entire life was a construction project of a house. You could also imagine that you were born with a single tool attached to your right hand. Think of it this way: you were born with the ability to use a hammer. Nail-slamming into wood is your primary strength. But a hammer isn’t just for pounding nails. “Hammers are used for a wide range of driving, shaping, and breaking applications,” says Wikipedia. If we’re going to build a house, we’ll need all of those things. It’s a vital duty. Let’s say, on the other hand, you despise them. You’d rather draw with a pencil than a pen-like your next-door neighbour, Jimbo. He is an artist, a writer, a designer, and a doodler. You’re always frustrated and angry because you can’t do anything with a hammer. Almost everyone tells you to make use of your “gift,” “look, buddy; use

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Understanding The Secret Of A Happy Life

Even if there’s no reason to smile, I’ll still put on a happy face because I’m content with my life. Yes, I am one of those people who never fails to crack a smile when you see them. Entering a room, I always wear a smile. When I see other people, my face lights up. The only time when I’m happy is when I’m alone. When the sun comes out, I’m always happy. Even when things are difficult, I’m able to laugh. What the heck am I thinking? Pessimistically, the answer is yes. Smiles, on the other hand, are an expression of one’s personality. Most people believe that it’s a result of something else. “There’s no reason for me to smile,” she said. That’s all there is to it. You’ve got it all backwards. You don’t have to buy anything or do anything to make someone smile. Smiling reminds me

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115 Core Ideas & Values In Life

Like a tree’s root system, a person’s core values are essential to their well-being. The way we are and the people we are being shaped by them. We can’t know who we are or what we want from life if we don’t have values to guide us. Developing a personal value system is a critical first step in the personal development process. For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of over 500 core values that I found online. Leaders and inspiring people use these values. There are 115 core values that I narrowed down for this page. I went through the list I had made and deleted any duplicates that I could find. As an illustration, the words “adventure” and “adventurous” are interchangeable nouns. The lists I found were clogged with these kinds of duplicates. I also omitted anything that wasn’t necessary. I came across values like “fashion” and “profits,”

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Understanding Good Self- Discipline Creating Habits

      Discipline means being able to force yourself to do things, even when you don’t feel like it. There are few things more important in life than that. More so than ever before in 2020, when we’ll all be compelled to work and spend more time at home. There’s not much we can do outside of the house. That necessitates self-control. Lots of self-control. We’re unable to do things like go on vacation, eat out, shop, watch movies at the theatre, or attend concerts, for example. Despite this, we’re expected to uphold high standards of personal conduct. As a result, we’re tasked with everything from working from home to keeping in touch with our loved ones via video calls. Our default state will be to give up if we lack self-control. Because even if you’re not aware of it, we’re all on a collision course toward a chaotic future.

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Believe In Yourself Is The Key For A Successful Life

We can’t accomplish our goals unless we believe in ourselves. If we keep doubting ourselves, it’s difficult to be content, have a fulfilling career, and have a positive impact on the lives of others. Without self-belief, we’ll spend our lives avoiding failure, criticism, and risk by keeping our heads buried in the sand. We think we’ll never be enough if we don’t believe in ourselves. We’re always on the lookout for the next certification, position, and so on. No one else will have faith in us if we don’t have faith in ourselves. What you believe is what you get. Many of my friends and acquaintances tell me that they’re not good at math when I tell them about my investments. You can also say, “Investing is only for the rich and famous. “As a result, they never even try to invest. Investor books often state, “You can’t beat the

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The Secret Of Repetition In Changing Your Life

The biggest blunder you can make in your career is to ignore the fundamentals. This holds true regardless of your profession, location, or identity. We tend to forget that repetition is the key to building strength. Consistency is impossible if you neglect the fundamentals of what makes you a good person (athletes, friends, entrepreneurs, students, etc.). Observing athletes has taught me one of the most important things I’ve learned. There is a lot of pressure on professional athletes to perform. Take, for example, current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, a former Olympian in the sport of wrestling. Until this point in his career, the 38-year-old champion has had an impressive one. As a wrestler, he took home numerous medals of honour. He has also won 20 of his 22 MMA fights. Those who know him say he’s among the best. Then there’s UFC Tonight with him as co-host on

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The Influence Of Mind Sets In Changing Our Destiny

“I’m tired of being bored.” It’s been a while since you’ve said that. I’m guessing not too recently. Give me four minutes, and I’ll explain why that indicates a negative frame of mind. In the past, I’ve relied on other people to provide me with guidance. Children are routinely subjected to daily directives from their teachers. That’s how it works in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as in college and universities. In every group, there is always one leader who sets the agenda. What kind of impact does that have on the people who are subjected to it? We’re taught to be passive in school. And nothing really changes once we leave school. I followed my boss’s advice when I started my first job. When I started my first company with my father, I turned to him for answers. Now, you might think that this is an issue

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Do You Know These Life Changing Ideas

The Oracle of Delphi once proclaimed Socrates to be the wisest man on the planet, making him one of the most influential figures in Western philosophy. After hearing the oracle’s statement, Socrates was convinced that it was incorrect. “I know one thing: I know nothing “as Socrates famously asserted. Even if you’re a wise person, you don’t know anything. Everything and anyone have something to teach you. I’ve had the good fortune to learn from many wonderful people over the years, including professors, parents, siblings, and other close family members. Sometimes, it’s necessary to remind ourselves of the things we’ve learned in order to avoid forgetting them. I’ve compiled a list of 25 things that other people have taught me. Maren Katelaan is the illustrator. 1. It’s a good thing to fight for what you believe in. There is no need to say, “I can’t bear it any longer.” What

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These Things Will Definitely Make You More Productive

In terms of getting things done, the past year has been a watershed moment for me. In the past year, I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible, including switching careers and countries, spending time with loved ones, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and exercising at least five times per week. Your overall output is influenced by a wide range of factors. Because productivity is a way of life, tools, apps, and hacks don’t work if you don’t have the right mindset to succeed. It’s all about getting the most done in the shortest amount of time possible. The two, in my opinion, are intertwined. Doing nothing makes me miserable, in my opinion. I’d like to share with you 20 things I’ve done in the last year that have increased my productivity like never before. 1. The Shortest Path Always Leads to the Best Results There’s a lot of garbage and

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Facts That I Learned Late In Life

I was recently unable to find a solution. A lack of focus, a lack of energy, and an inability to produce high-quality results plagued me. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I remember a piece of advice I received from a friend and mentor: “Always return to the basics. “When you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost, or just plain unmotivated, go back to the basics. How do you define a fulfilling life? In the end, you’ll discover that you know the answer. The problem is that you’re too afraid to face the truth. As a result of my stumbling block last time, I realised that I had been ignoring some hard truths about life. Everything went back to normal when I resumed these lessons. The following is a list of things I’ve done for myself. In spite of the fact that these lessons are unpleasant, we all know how crucial they are. People are

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