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We all know that majority of habits that we have are usually unhealthy and bad due to various reasons, whereas good habits are very few. In today’s hectic, rat-race life unhealthy and bad habits are creating a lot of problems .Here,you can change habits

we provide our services according to your convenience in your choice of atmosphere with privacy.This can be a crucial factor if you are dealing with tough situations which make you ashamed or embarrassed. Our team of experts is equipped for promptly answering your queries and issues. 

Career and life skills services are designed to help individuals develop essential skills and make informed decisions regarding their careers and personal lives.They aim to empower individuals to achieve their career goals and lead a more fulfilling life

We will help you to overcome challenges and navigate difficult times.At living well-being, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address your specific needs.

Counseling for premarital persons and couples helping them to choose the Right Partner and to lead a happy married life in the coming days.

For the severely Depressed, Worried, Tensed, Anxious, and Fearful persons with emotional breakdown,We provides a very effective  support 

In Today’s Hectic Life, Emotional, Psychological & Mental problems are haunting all of Us. We are providing Appropriate Help & Support both Online & Offline 

Do you want to change your life? Our Applied NLP Sessions provide the know-how of Positive change that we are really in need of.We offer free online programs on specific ways NLP can help you.

We offer you a combination of the positive aspect of these two methods, which will show significant improvement in your longevity. We’re here when you need us.

The methodology we are presenting is working at the subtle level of the Human Mind- at the Neuronal level of the human brain, resulting in radical positive transformation in our innermost being and our entire life.

Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT) is one of our most effective treatments to help people leave behind the pain and baggage that weighs them down. Victims of trauma bonds and narcissistic abuse also greatly benefit from this treatment; the lightness you feel gradually will be undeniable

We are providing the ways and means of eradicating past psychological and emotional injuries and traumas  by removing the past life memories embedded in our subconscious mind.We utilise astrological evidences also ,past life regression is enhanced by astrological support

Pranic healing is also called energy healing as it works with the energy present around a human body. A human body has two bodies – the physical body and the Energy body. The physical body is the one we can see, feel and touch. The energy body is the aura present around our physical body as an extended layer covering four to five inches. Pranic healing is an alternative method for treating diseases that work on the energy exchange that happens between the Energy body and the physical body. 

Giving advice and support to a person, a family, or a community during a crisis involves giving crisis counseling. Crisis therapy is to offer the person in need of it emotional support and assistance. According to the protocol of livingInWellbeing, crisis intervention is focused on minimizing the stress of the event, providing emotional support, and improving the person’s coping strategies.

Grief counseling usually referred to as bereavement therapy, is a type of treatment designed to aid in coping with loss, such as the passing of a spouse, parent, friend, or co-worker. Losing a loved one can be physically and emotionally painful, which can occasionally make it difficult for you to carry out daily tasks. We are offering cutting-edge counseling with a focus on preventing the worried person’s grief and emotional collapse.

Quantum-Holotropic Energy Healing blends the ideas of quantum physics with the practices of holotropic breathwork, which are known to change people’s lives. By using the energy already in the world, our skilled practitioners help people heal in ways that aren’t possible with traditional methods.

A talking therapy called psychosexual therapy helps individuals and couples talk about their lives, sexual issues, and preferences in order to address specific sexual issues. Some individuals call this sex therapy. Any how our therapy sessions will definitely improve the sexual, physical & mental well-being of the couples leading to a happy & harmonious family life.

Let us understand that we are suffering from many unknown & unresolved problems and troubles in our daily life. In search of a solution, we are stumbling in darkness. Here at LivingInWellbeing we are taking care of such situations for any person who gets in connection with us.

The goal of philosophical counseling is to help people deal with life’s circumstances in a productive way. Philosophical therapy aims to help clients develop more useful ways of thinking, not just to address their immediate problems, but also to make them better equipped to handle similar issues in the future. 

Through mentoring, people can learn from one another and transfer expertise.In the workplace, for instance, an experienced professional can mentor a less experienced colleague by imparting expertise and ideas.Senior mentors at LivingInWellbeing are committed to providing prompt assistance and support to everyone who contacts us.

Shamanism is one of the most effective ways to heal people from misery and suffering. People from various professions are turning to shamanism to gain access to a peaceful life. Since it is not an organized religion but a spiritual practice, it cuts across all faiths and creeds. The beauty of shamanism is you can hear the voice of spirit and you can heed the call of your soul. With shamanism, you will feel refreshed and discover the new meaning of your spiritual journey.

We can observe that Conflicts, Confusion, Contradictions, and the like are increasing, resulting in marital disharmony, broken family relationship, and divorce.We will help you to overcome challenges and navigate difficult times.At living well-being, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address your specific needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of astrological services to help you gain insights into your life’s journey and make informed decisions. Our astrology service provides diverse offerings, including a Full Horoscope, Gem finder, Name Finder, and other related predictions in English and other leading Indian languages.

Easy Yoga Meditation has much power to improve self-awareness, mental clarity, and overall health. Each person’s needs and goals are different, so our programs are made to meet those needs and goals in a way that goes beyond just practicing. With Dr. Purushothaman’s help, you will learn about the profound benefits of Easy Yoga Meditation and how it can improve every part of your life.

We are living in a world where Stress and Strain & their ill effects are part & parcel of our life. You all know that Stress is following us like a shadow from morning till evening and so also from birth to death. we are providing a blend of information and techniques to get freedom from Stress.

Anyone can request a prayer irrespective of religion. We will pray for everyone.We also conduct group prayer session in and across India for schools and institutions.Our website is at par with any other Free online prayer request sites in the world.

Practice that focuses on attaining physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing by bringing one’s awareness and control to bear on one’s breath, also known as prana. “Shara” can refer to either the breath or the vital energy. In contrast, “yoga” can refer to either spiritual, mental, or physical practice.