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"When things are in order, they're easier to deal with."— Dr.Purushothaman Kollam

These Steps Will Help To Find Your Dream Job

Even if you don’t like your work, many others do. Doing a job that you don’t like is common. We accept jobs we don’t enjoy because we need the money to pay our bills. Nobody would spend their time doing something they don’t care about for any other reason. I dare you to discover a job that you like performing every day of the week—a career that you’ll look forward to all week long. You don’t even know you’re working! As a result, you aren’t just surviving for the weekend; you’re thriving. On the weekends and after 5 p.m. on weekdays, many of us are able to sustain ourselves. We spend over 40% of our waking hours at work, according to the American Time Use Survey. What would you do with 40% of your savings? No one I know of has ever said, “I have $10.000 in savings, I’ll simply

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The Know How Of Focused Attention When You Are Anxious

In June 2020, we’re in the midst of one of the most turbulent periods in recent memory. Health, economic and social crises are plaguing our nation. Most of us have difficulties keeping our attention on the work at hand. We’re focusing on a variety of things at once. In one of my monthly 1000-word emails to my customers and students, one of my readers commented: In spite of the fact that this email is critical, my mind keeps wandering to the next thing I need to accomplish and I find myself skimming over the text. Because there is so much information, which is tough to go through, and because of this, I believe I am experiencing entrepreneurial anxiety. That’s something I can identify with. The commenter made a great point. We’re stressed out because we’re dealing with so much information. We’re curious about the state of the planet and the

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Self-Confidence Tips For A Successful Life

Do you ever have self-conscious thoughts? No, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way. Most of us have experienced this at some point or another. Everyone appears to be creating multibillion-dollar companies, becoming household names on YouTube, or gaining notoriety on Instagram. A majority of us, however, also realise that it’s a complete hoax. There are folks that are enjoying fantastic lives and we don’t care whether they are or aren’t genuine. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you desire in life; it all boils down to this: How confident are you? What makes you so certain that you’ll say “screw it” and go after your goal? There is a fine line between being able to declare, “I don’t need that,” and being able to maintain your composure. You get the picture? If you want to succeed in life, you need to have a high level of self-confidence.

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The Know How Of Breaking Negative Thought Loop

A negative thinking cycle might start with anything as little as a niggling feeling. There is a chance that someone may say something that offends me. A little injury may keep me from exercising. Something may go wrong at work. That’s the sensation, isn’t it? Everything in your life – profession, health, and personal relationships – starts to seem like a game of Russian roulette. Despite your best efforts, the issue persists. You attempt to solve it yourself. You’re obligated to deal with the commotion. The problem is that you don’t have any control over the commotion. That just serves to aggravate your annoyance. Negative ideas are taking over your mind right now. This was the tipping point when a little inconvenience turned into a major issue. The thought of abandoning your career or relationship makes you want to. Everything seems to be working against you. And that nothing in

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How to Be Wiseful & Successful In Life

What does being wise imply? It has nothing to do with a person’s IQ or degree, in my opinion. Someone who uses their common sense is wise. That sounds contradictory, right? After all, common sense is common. It’s about common knowledge, lessons, and wisdom. However, not everyone puts what they know into practice. In fact, it’s unusual to see someone using common sense. I know a few people who I believe to be wise, but none of them is geniuses. They’re just ordinary people who are dependable, experienced, calm, and good.   I’ll describe six habits/behaviours I’ve noticed through monitoring them in this essay. 1. Make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. The majority of people unconsciously make assumptions. We make assumptions if we are unsure about something. I’m making an assumption if I send someone an email regarding a business proposition and they don’t respond within two days,

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How To Be Productive In Difficult Times

Everything is stable in a perfect world. You have the ability to design plans that will always come true. You have the ability to anticipate events. But, as you and I both know, life isn’t like that. In real life, a single random (and unexpected) event can derail all of your good intentions, aspirations, and plans for change. Think of… • A deceased member of the family. • Having a child. • Being involved in an automobile accident. • A disaster at work that results in bankruptcy. • Love at first sight. Unexpected circumstances can throw everything off. That has happened to me multiple times in my life. And there’s nothing you can do to avoid unforeseen circumstances. To be clear, I’m not referring to negative occurrences when I say pandemonium. Good things might sometimes detract from our ability to concentrate. Life may be unpredictably unpredictable. We still have to

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Simple Tips To Become More Assertive In Life

My mum taught me how to be forceful. She always expresses her views, is confident in saying no, acts in the best interests of her family, and considers the greater good. She is the most forceful person I have ever met. No one will be able to take advantage of her. If you make an attempt, she will let you know. And you’re not going to like it. What exactly is assertiveness? The leading authorities in this topic are Robert E. Alberti and Michael L. Emmons. Their 1970 book, Your Perfect Right, is considered a classic on the subject. Assertive behaviour is defined as follows:” Behavior that allows a person to behave in his or her own best interests, to stand up for himself without unnecessary concern, to express his or her true feelings without violating the rights of others.” There are three sorts of behaviour in general: Passive: Indirect,

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The Art & Science Of Expressing Kindness In Life

If you want to live a happy life and achieve all of your goals, there is one quality you must possess: kindness. “Human compassion has never sapped the stamina or softened the fibre of a free people,” Franklin D. Roosevelt said. To be tough, a country does not have to be cruel. “Nonetheless, vicious people can be found anywhere. It can be seen in the job, in relationships, in families, and even on the street. One thing I’ve noticed is that many people confuse kindness with weakness. But who says you can’t be kind while yet being firm? Many people believe it’s either one or the other. We always discuss work ethic, inventiveness, and leadership while studying successful people, billionaires, and athletes. Those are important factors to consider, and we can learn a lot from them. Kindness, on the other hand, receives less emphasis. That is why the subject of

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Expressing Your Ideas Will Lead To A Successful Life

My father and I decided to start a business in 2010, during the Great Recession. I was still in graduate school when I discovered that the economy was still recuperating from the financial crisis, and I had little chance of finding a suitable job. Getting a job as a minority was even more difficult. I analysed the employment market, the economy, and my little experience and concluded that I had little chance of landing a good position. My father worked for a large linen cleaning service, an industry that was rapidly slashing prices. He had to terminate scores of people as a manager, and my father couldn’t imagine himself working for that company again. As a result, we both felt the need to start a business. We got off to a terrific start since the urgency was high. We worked seven days a week to get the company up and

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Perfectionism Is Not The Key To Boost Your Productivity

Do you ever get the feeling that you didn’t do a decent job? Do you ever doubt yourself or your actions? Are you afraid to admit your errors? Do you get depressed when you’re rejected? If that’s the case, you’re in grave risk. I’m not a stickler for details. That’s what I try to convince myself, at least. I’m sure you try to tell yourself that too. The ones who refuse to admit it are the worst. But here’s the thing: If you’re a perfectionist, you’re just a mask-wearing procrastinator. It’s the same as if you’re a slacker who doesn’t do anything. Do you doubt me? Let us investigate. Perfectionist… Always looks for the proper opportunity. Never makes a blunder. More time is always required. However, life and business are ultimately about results. Results are important. And if you’re a perfectionist, you might just get the results. But when will

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