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When presented with a new opportunity, we believe we should always say “yes.” Many of us are afraid of missing out on valuable opportunities because we don’t want to say no. We don’t respect our own time when we say yes to everything. We say yes to every opportunity that comes our way without a second thought. Saying “no” is not something we often consider a skill. If our boss asks us to turn in a report before the end of the day while we’re at work, we’ll say, “sure thing.” Often, we have to put other things on hold because of it. Throughout my life, I was never afraid of anything, and I had no fear of failing. So what if I don’t make the shot?  –

Michael Jordan

In our personal lives, we say yes, all the time. When friends ask if we’d like to go out while we’re busy, we happily oblige. We don’t think twice about doing a favour for a friend or acquaintance. Even if we don’t want it, we’ll accept it. We accept jobs that we don’t enjoy. Relationships are formed with people we are not smitten with at the time. What’s the point of doing this? We avoid conflict by not saying no, letting people down, and letting them down. When we’re afraid of saying no, we’re more likely to say yes. We then blame ourselves for not being able to say no, saying things like, “Why couldn’t I just say no?” Because of this, we are afraid that if we turn down a chance to settle down with a partner, another one might not come our way.

When it comes to professional relationships, I see this a lot. It’s easy to start a relationship with a co-worker because you spend so much time together at work. You can’t ‘kind of want something once you start dating. Do not tell me you’re not in love! Even if you say yes, it doesn’t guarantee your happiness.

Beliefs held by others

 Saying no can help us save a lot of time and energy in the long run. In spite of our fears, the truth is that we don’t have to disappoint anyone. When you start saying no, people will begin to respect you more. That is viewed as a positive quality by others. It’s time to stop living up to the expectations of others. Not everything that is required of you is enjoyable. The person you are trying to please will grow to dislike you if you don’t start saying no and stop doing things you don’t want to. Saying no isn’t just about protecting your interests; it’s also about considering the interests of those around you.

A night out with your spouse will probably not put you in a good mood if you say yes even though you don’t feel like it. It’s unfair to your spouse if you aren’t fully present in the moment. If you’d prefer to go out tomorrow because you’re too tired to go out tonight, let us know. By doing so, you’ll gain the admiration of your partner. In the event that she refuses, we must explain why. In addition, teach them the importance of saying no to requests they aren’t interested in undertaking.

The results of your life can be impacted if you live up to the expectations of others. As long as the night out doesn’t affect your long-term plans, saying yes doesn’t really matter. However, our lives are often shaped by the decisions we make. When parents expect their children to go to college, the children are more likely to comply with their parent’s desires. It’s unfair to ask someone to do something they don’t want to do because they are unique individuals. If you have a good reason for not wanting to attend university, don’t go. Make your own path and follow your heart.

Make Yourself Heard

Everything that makes noise should be rejected. How does Greg McKeown explain how the disciplined pursuit of less allows us to gain more freedom in deciding what to do with our time? Essentialists, according to McKeown, are those who are able to distinguish between the essential and the non-essential aspects of life. You can show what is important to you by saying “no” to everything else.

As difficult as saying no can be, failing to do so can result in us missing out on something far more important, according to McKeown. As long as we have a goal in life, everything that doesn’t help us achieve that goal is considered noise. Choosing “no” is the only way to live a stress-free life. We get stressed out when we say yes out of habit to invitations from co-workers, friends, and family. For days, we’ve regretted saying yes. We’re afraid of hurting our personal connections. Burning bridges worries us. We’re afraid of what others will think if we say no to them. We live in an affluent time and place. You won’t miss anything if you say no. The world is a wonderful place, full of wonders and possibilities. When we say no, we think we’re being rude to our friends or co-workers. When you say no, you’re not being selfish. Once we start saying no, we lose the fear of disappointing people and find out that it wasn’t that hard. Quiet and clarity replace the noise in our lives. We enjoy the things we do and say yes to more. We become happier and more at the moment.

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