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I used to believe that changing your mind was a bad thing. In general, people think you’re a narcissist when you decide to change your mind. But what’s the point? Changing your thoughts can be beneficial for your well-being. You can see this in Derek Sivers, who is an excellent example. One of my favourite modern-day thinkers is Derek if you don’t know him. In 1997, he founded CD Baby, a company that distributes digital music. Today, that company is still in business. Derek, on the other hand, eventually sold it in 2008 and went on to become a well-known author, blogger, and public speaker. Derek told me on my podcast that he always has second thoughts: “The best part of the day is when my initial thoughts when I woke up this morning are the exact opposite of what I’m thinking now. Changing my mind or having my mind changed on a subject is the best feeling in the world for me. That’s incredible. For me, that’s the best thing in the world. “After selling his business, he was able to retire. A name change and an anonymous existence were possibilities that crossed his mind. Rather than rebranding himself, he shifted his focus. Contrary to his expectations, he did the exact opposite. However, one thing must be kept in mind. It’s okay to admit when you’ve changed your mind about something.

So, what if you’re always changing your mind? It’s yours. If the opposite is true of you, own it. The danger of changing your mind is that you open yourself up to the influence of other people’s beliefs. It’s clear that the world is constantly evolving. Especially at this time. As a result, we’ll have to constantly adjust our methods. Your thoughts can, and will, change at any time. I’ve probably thought about things in a different way than usual in the past year. Then there’s the fact that you, too, are constantly evolving. A year, month, week or even a day after you’ve learned a lot, you’re probably no longer the same person. There is something odd about not having any new thoughts or ideas when you think about it. In contrast to what most people believe, this is the case.

Changing your mind indicates that you don’t know what you want. ” Really? I’m not convinced. I prefer “It’s a sign that you’re getting better.” You get the picture, don’t you? Everything hinges on one’s point of view. Just now, I changed my mind about what I was going to do. What did you do differently this morning?

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