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Habits shape up your life far more than you probably imagine. Habits are very strong. Our brains hold on to them at the exclusion of all else – including common sense. It is a fact that more than 40 per cent of the actions that are performing each day are habits, not your decisions. Habits are very much important and it grows as time and is instinctive. So it is necessary to make clear that you have the right habits. Repeating good habits makes behaviour.
Habits are so powerful because they create neurological longing: Some behaviour is the reward by the let out of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain. The brain fully stops engaging in decision making after a habit emerges. By knowing about how habits work along with the habit loop makes it easier to take dominance over them. Habits are encoded in the brain and save us from doing a lot repeatedly as we don’t have to relearn everything that we, do it is already registered in the brain.
The self-regulation of your actions frees up energy that can be used to focus on other tasks. This works for your advantage! On the other hand, if a bad habit is created you need to change it – to interrupt it and induct a new one. The brain can’t identify the difference between bad and good habits. You have to do that.
The key to creating positive change for yourself is to make your craved actions into habits.
The important thing is that habits aren’t fate. All habits can be ignored, changed, or replaced. But it’s not easy as a habit never disappears of its own, it only can be replaced by a new one.
As a student or parent, we are should be aware of the importance of good habits. Habits are the way how the world recognizes us and our kids. Also, they are a way to reflect our fostering onto the world. Good habits will nurture a good human being and in turn, creates a responsible citizen. It’s is a clear fact to say that a small habit developed during childhood can bestow at large in the future.
An example of one such good habit is making your bed in the morning.
Making bed sets the feel of the day positively and also warmly welcomes you back in the evening. When we come back tired in the evening and when a clean room and bed awaits us, it completely changes the mood and feels relaxed. How can a person feel calm and relaxed in a distressed room?
Good habits all bring you the following things:-

  1. Good habits will bring an optimistic attitude.
  2. Your brain starts to respond as if you start following a schedule,
  3. Eating healthy foods keeps you healthy always
  4.  Reading good books is a very good habit; if you apply the good things written on them can be the best habit.
  5. Spending time with your parents makes them happy and they deserve it.
  6. Don’t hold anything in your mind if you feel some feeling in your mind open it up and this will make you feel relief.
  7. Lear from the judgements rather than being panic.
  8. Always try to help the needy it will help for inner peace.
  9. Punctuality is an important factor, maintain it regularly.
  10. Always stay happy, laugh more, make others smile, and love yourself the most! Good habits developed now will last a lifetime!

Each drop of water makes a big ocean likewise each human being is a part of a big nation, if every individual in a nation becomes good, with healthy habits and having good thoughts and good goals to achieve, it will be the greatest nation in the world, so try to inculcate good things in you, and then you will help the next one to do the same and the chain follows so that one day we stand among the best nations, where there are no violence, no threats, no agitation, well-educated people, and will result to reside in a tranquil and developed country.

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