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Friends I have a simple gratitude habit that I have been following every day for the last three years.  Now I am going to share it with you.

That Minor tragedy

The other day I ordered takeout from one of my favourite Indian restaurants.  All my family members were there and all have light time at that might.  They can only hold on an hour they have top set off to different direction after one hour.  All were little but hungry.  After sometime order had reached home safely but the problem is that one of the main dishes which we had ordered was missing.

It was not a big issue in the grand scheme of things.  Missing half of the dinner that too ordered from a nice Indian restaurant in America is a classic example of a first-world problem.  We had an issuer issue at that moment.  Either we have to settle with half of our dinner we ordered or someone had to drive back and get the missing while others were packing their bags for the trip.  It seems frivolous in retrospect, but this is exactly a type of little bit hassle that may have the power to ruin the entire mood and can pull everyone into a negative mood especially when we are in a busy time.

I am not going anywhere that high.

So I decided to go back and collect the missing stuff 40 minutes later I reached with the missing one and ate together.

Within 20 minutes we have to finish our dinner and to get back in the car and have left. It was a rushed evening

So, it was the mood in the room frustrated, rushed and stressed when our simple gratitude came to the rescue.

The Routine

The daily gratitude habit is super simple. That is:-

I will say that I am grateful for happening today; I used to say this mostly when I sit down for taking dinner.

On that particular day, after the rushing mood, I said, I am grateful in spending time with all during the evening shopping time and it allowed us to spend some time together that we didn’t get later on the evening.  And everyone followed me and they all shared their grateful moments of that day.

Within a few minutes, the mood had reset.

It was like that we all had taken a deep breath and said; ok, it was annoying but we are over it and we are over it now.

We live a good life and it’s the time to move on and enjoy the movement.

Why This Effective

After using this minor habit for since last 3 years, here are my biggest lessons:-

It is a really good idea to force ourselves into positive thoughts.  All-day are not alike for everyone.  Some days will be more annoying and frustrating. But the truth is that even though the day is hard enough we all have some moments to stay happy and cherished.  No matter whatever happens on that day.  I will sit for dinner and spare some time to think about the good in my day for at least a few seconds.  The day that goes by without starting something positive that is happening around me.

Positive thinking opens our mind to think and get more and more opportunities in life.

The individual impact on a single piece of gratitude is the small bed the commutative effect will be huge.  Slowly you will realize that every day will be good enough in a small way.

Majority of my grateful things do not have many dimes. Sometimes it may be the time spent with many friends, family, if someone says something nice about me, a good workout that day. It is not to say money is unimportant, but there is something that comforting in realizing the moments that we are grateful.

I have started several habits many times and it doesn’t last even for 3 months by the time, this habit is with me for the last 3years.  The main important feature of it may be that it is stupidly small.  Do the thing that you can sustain.

I have stuck with this habit because it is perfectly made another behaviour. If we choose the right trigger, it is so much easy to build how habits into our lifestyle.

Let’s Do

Gratitude is an interesting subject. It once those qualities that everyone accepts to do but don’t talk or know much about how to do. It’s something like saying live at the moment. It is easy to give advice t everyone, but you will feel difficult to hear people explaining how to live in the moment.

I still have to learn a lot but I can certainly say that my daily gratitude habit had made some kind of difference for my long term happiness.

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