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Ever thought of you and me? The difference between you and me?  Ever thought of that? Not just you and me, everyone in this world is unique. The behaviour makes the difference. So what do you think.?

Well, I’ll say it is the environment that did the behaviour change.

The surroundings make a higher impact on us in a great variant way. This is one sole reason why the emotional, behavioural patterns of each of us differ from individual to individual. Finding ourselves in a medium of higher standards will evolve us to a standard civilian, in the same way evolving with a community of fewer standards may turn you into a poor human being with no mere quality in life.

This is how dramatically our minds lead us to behaviour and personality developments without our voluntary will and action.

So here, we’ll discuss the environment and its action on us.

Change the Environment, Change yourself

When it comes to habit, whether it’s good or bad it is always triggered by something, something that comes from your environment.

It is prominent in our cases as we constantly undergo a series of more similar actions day today. For example, we wake up to go to the job, eat, come back, rest, all these tend to happen in the same place with no changes most probably. All these actions get tuned into our minds by such repetitive days.

While going through this day to day daily process, your action and mindset will be tuned with specific vibrations merely only to undergo through your daily cycle of activities. Hence we can say that the behaviour in you is being shaped under these circumstances only. But due to a thus formed cycle of actions and environment around you, you will face difficulty in creating new habits. Also, it will become difficult to make changes to your existing habits.

In the same manner, if you’re struggling with your problems, trying to find a solution for your problems will be easier if you prefer a place with more natural light and fresh air to breathe. This is because the environment around you gives you a different more calm surrounding which is entirely different from the stressful situation you had.

Studies have shown that if you need to achieve more focus and concentration on a subject, it will be better for you to work in a small room preferably with a lower ceiling. At the same time, you should be comfortable too.

Moving to a new surrounding or atmosphere will grant you changes. If you shift your room or change your space or even if you change the arrangements of your room, you will receive different cues and triggers. Thus will be your thoughts and behaviour.

In the future, I hope the architects and designers will try to construct homes where people feel happier to live in, hospitals where the patients are quickly recovered, as well as the schools, where the children feel free to express themselves and study better.

You can make changes by changing yourself. That is if you feel that you’re in a surrounding that is not at all making you creative, instead of complaining about the situation you can change the environment. You can plan the new ideas in your head towards your environment. I will help you with a few steps that help you to change your surrounding.

Modifying your surroundings will also help you to get a better grip on your habits.

To stick with a good habit, minimize the ways required to perform that behaviour. Similarly to detach from a bad habit, increase the steps needed to perform the behaviour.

For example :

Want to decrease mobile usage? Take it out and keep it aside somewhere difficult to access easily.

Want to have more water?  Place filled bottles of water around your space. Visioning them makes you feel to drink more water.

All these signify that changing your behaviour or your habit will be easier with shifting of your surrounding. Change your environment from a gloomy unproductive area to a highly creative space.

By making changes to your environment to encourage good behaviours and discourage bad behaviours, you will make it possible for yourself to stick to habits and create long-term change.

The actions you did today were also a response to the environmental cues that surrounded you. So change your surrounding to change those cues.

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