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Most of the innovative ideas are combinations of old ideas and new inputs as per requirements. Innovative ideas arise by rediscovering yourself. You should not be shy or afraid of anything to excel in what you are pursuing. Innovative ideas arise when you put your thoughts into action without being judged. You must have the courage to tap the creativity within you. In this article, we list down a few tips that will help in cultivating a creative spark in you. But before jumping into that, let us understand why innovation or innovative ideas are important and why do you need them.

The importance of innovation

Innovation is the core of anything and everything in life. You need innovation in almost every walk of your life may it be your business, your personal life or even your investment decisions. Take, for example, Netflix – It began as a small business and today Netflix has a total market value of $32.9 billion. Likewise, your daily life essentials like the telephone you use to connect with people, the light bulb you use to brighten up your house and much more are all the result of innovation and inventions. That is the power of innovation!

Here we list down a few reasons that require you to be innovative.

  • Innovation helps in creative development as you learn new things and new ways of doing things.
  • Innovation helps in continuous improvement.
  • It helps you have the most of what you already have.
  • It helps you stand out in the crowd and make an impression.
  • It helps you increase your productivity in a particular task.

The above-mentioned section, helps us understand the importance and need for innovation. Now let us move ahead and understand how you can get innovative ideas.

Tips to get innovative ideas

  • Let the kid within you come out and try all the creative stuff. Commit to revive your innovative
  • Often starting from scratch is a bad idea. We assume that innovative ideas and thoughts would come when any work is started from zero. This is not true. Often creative ideas and innovation arise by combining the old ideas. Innovation is not always creating but also connecting. Therefore, one of the best ways to make progress with your innovation is just by making a 1 per cent change to it, rather than starting from scratch.
  • Start imagining things like a traveller. Expose your thoughts to new situations or information. When you do that you think yourself to be in that spot for the first time and build innovative ideas as per the situation.
  • Be empathetic and remove your ego to observe people for generating new ideas. Meet people who need solutions, understand their needs and deliver your innovative ideas to them.
  • When you are searching for a solution to any problem, make sure that you are asking the right questions. Try to simplify your questions to the problems and reframe your challenges. This will help in getting the best innovative ideas out of you.
  • When you have a creative circle, you will always be getting new ideas. Try to build a creative network of people and spend hours with them. This will help in altering and developing a creative mindset.

The above mentioned are some of the ways through which innovative ideas can arise within you. If at any point in life, you need any assistance developing the art of innovative and creative ideas, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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6 months ago

Your habits are like the spices of life, adding flavor and richness to the journey of well-being. Thank you for the flavorful insights

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