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Man is a creation of destiny and very often its master; but he can alone, never make his destiny

No one has willed himself to be born; but once born, the environment around shows and guides in a million ways, and is very different for each individual. As age progresses slowly, realisation dawns. With realisation comes the ego, that which guides life further. As ego matures the sense of “free will”, with which man has been bestowed, leads him to the purpose of his creation, his destiny; and then he realises his importance to the world- a world of belonging. Belonging brings in self-importance. A person that does not belong to a family, group, country or mankind at large, cannot have a feeling of self-worth. With no self-worth, no person can be important to the world.

Every life on earth is with a purpose and humans are the only creations that are capable of being aware of this and those that are not, are vegetating. Self-importance craves for acceptance into a clan, group or family. Once accepted into the group or clan, the feeling of importance surfaces as acceptance precedes self-worth. But how important are we to the world? We are important to the world to the level of understanding that we have about our ego. Once the ego becomes paramount in behaviour with others, rejection starts to show its ugly head. However much of self-worth one has, rejection from the group speaks on the self-worth.

Whatever a human does is a contribution to the sustenance of life on earth- good or bad. Criminals are a class into themselves. They do not have any qualms about their commitments neither antisocials. But are they Important to the world? In a long shot, they are- their punishment and incarceration show others to refrain from crimes.

We are important to the world, but others are more important, and those that seek the welfare of others have realised that “some others” are helpless even to sustain themselves. Whatever one does is what has been destined and trying to thwart destiny is foolhardy; thus spoke Khayyam – The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on; neither all thy piety, not wit can lure it back to cancel half a line.

Two world wars have been fought to the detriment of civilisation during the last century. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand sparked off World War I and the nationalistic ego resulted in the loss of life of millions. Nationalistic supremacy caused the second, where again millions lost their lives and were displaced from their places of birth. Both were the result of bloated self-worth, of individuals, groups, clans and countries- when the entire world rose against them to thwart the destruction of human life on earth. Nationalism has proved the bane of civilisation many a time. Nationalism is “group ego” in its worst form, where self-worth surmounts the worth of others. If anyone steps beyond the line of liberty of the self into the personal space of others, then self-worth or their importance to the world vanishes.

A small boy once walked up to a sage in prayer, poked him and woke him up. The Sage was considered wise by people who knew him, for his predictions of doom and riches. People from all over came to seek his blessings and guidance. The sage looked down at the boy and said “now young man! Why are you here, what should I bless you with?” The simple young child looked up from his folded hands and said: “bless me with friends that will help me grow to help others”.

“So shall it be; as you are the most worthy of creations!!” said the Sage.

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