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Productivity is relative- relative to knowledge, acumen, health, will achieve and appropriate rest

Productivity is the capability of an individual or group to bring forth results using knowledge, acumen with a will to achieve.

Producing more is productivity and is relative to the capability of an individual or the group involved, and the purpose, which adds to wealth, through mental and physical activities optimizing output. It is the capability of an individual or group to produce results; good or bad. In simple words, it is output from human thought subtended with actions relevant to the thought, that which could be for the self or for others.

Mental peace is the state of mind that provides tranquillity to the mind. Peace of mind comes from assuring food, shelter, companionship and social acceptance for the self. It is a state of mind that which calls for a withdrawal into the self with thoughts of peace for oneself, without being concerned of the surroundings and with no pain, physical or of the mind. The human physique and psyche are in an eternal quest for achievement, be it a pauper or King. All wakeful time is spent on thoughts of producing results some big and some small on the reckoning.

Wakeful time of any individual is used for productivity- constructive or destructive- during which time mental peace does not figure in thought or action. The human physique and psyche require time to recoup its vitality and effectiveness after concerted activities. Fatigue brings down the effectiveness of the effort. A tired body slows down and a tired mind becomes vague, failing to concentrate. Knowledge becomes ineffective and reason fails. Whatever acumen or resources are available they fade into inconsequence as physical and mental health play the villain.

Distraction plays another villain to productivity as does ill health. When during activities one is distracted by other thoughts, productivity goes on the decline. Mental peace adds to concentration as other factors that distract goes into the oblivion for it is rest assured that after the toil there is rest and the ‘will to achieve’ – the yearning to achieve the goal becomes paramount.

So what can mental peace be? Mental peace is the assurance of safety at the end of the day, after the day’s toil. No matter how productive an individual has proved out to be if his mental peace is shattered his productivity pays the price. Assurance of a good and safe future provides for mental peace. Productivity is relative to this assurance; the more assured one is, mental peace prevails and productivity increases.

The human mind craves for wealth and recognition and it varies with individuals. Past achievements and failures play a vital role in productivity. Failure to achieve stems from lack of knowledge and lack of mental peace and constant labour without rest. The human body needs rest. A rested body is at peace with its mind, for which it needs to learn to relax, sleep adequately and never labour when fatigued or in physical pain. The body needs to be primary in labour and thought.

To be productive, it is essential that the mind is at peace and capable of clear thinking, undistracted and possesses a will to achieve. Productive people are those that create wealth, tangible or not. A rich man resting on his pelf with a retinue of staff at the office and at home may seem farfetched, but his productivity is best reckoned by his contributions to the self and/or the others.

To be productive in any way at any given time, man needs that essential component of life called mental peace, that which comes from the assurance of a safe life devoid of distraction.

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6 months ago

A game-changer in my quest for self-improvement. These articles have become a daily ritual for me.

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