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Not all human beings can perform all their duties well planned and be productive or 24×7.  Everyone once in a day will face difficulty doing their duty accurately.

Unproductive habits are common and it occurs normally.  But the real success lies behind controlling these unproductive habits. For making life and time productive by following the productive habits or more or less eliminate those unproductive habits.

Let’s discuss some unproductive habits normally found between us:-

Working without or with less rest

Sometime we may found ourselves or our friends are too much workaholic. By being a workaholic we may miss some of our daily routines or forget to do something. Working for too much of ours leads them to several physical issues and sometimes even to mental issues.               We should find time to take enough rest, to take food even to do exercise.

Uncontrolled emotions

Expression of emotions over a limit can also be considered as an unproductive habit.  We should always have control over our emotions.  Getting too much worried even to simple issues, overexpression of joy, sadness, love, care, tension, etc. may lead problems in your relationships and even to your work section.  Do believe in yourself. Every situation in life will keep on changing so do get too much express.  Do things that can make your time and life productive.

Inspection on social media sites

Most of us have an account even in any one of social media sites. Yes, social media will help us to connect the people that are away from us, it will share information between ourselves, etc. But have you ever thought of a society with no kinds of social media are present.

Yes, there was a time when no such applications exist. They’re too human life was possible.  But now none of us can, not even think of such a situation. Social Media and its usage are good up to a limit. Continues inspection of social Media whether I had received any kind of messages or notifications? Did my friend have read my message, what’s his/her new feedback… these inspecting the social media site may drain your useful time and it’s a kind of unproductive habit? Let’s check how this can be minimized? The better way is to stop the usage of these kinds of applications or to minimize usage. Arrange some particular time to check the messages and notification that you had received you on that day and to give replies to the wanted messages, I repeat stop avoiding giving replies to the unwanted messages.

Escaping from reality

Some people escape from life realities by adopting some kinds of unproductive habits like drinking alcohol, taking long leave, taking vacations, etc. When someone hard a bad time or any kind of disappointment in life will find some alternative way to get rid of that kind of issue. Some will take the help of alcohol, cigarettes, and things like that. They may think that the usage of the mentioned items will completely found a way to avoid all the problems. But the fact is that the real problem is only going to start.  Someone will say that they want a vacation; these kinds of people are escaping from reality. In life we have to face both happiness and sorrows….both serve the function of the two different faces of a coin. Whenever there is a trough there will be the crust. Escaping is not the way to avoid the problems. The real productive habit lies in how we are going to face and solve these kinds of issues in life.

Know to No

Saying no to the people or to the situations that you feel you are not comfortable is a kind of productive habit. We can also say that it’s a kind of having a personality to a person that to stand on his words and opinions.  Unproductive people won’t say ‘no’. They will hide themselves and their feelings and opinion from others and stay silent even in the situation they want to speak out.

In the beginning, I had mentioned that none of us can be a complete product for 24×7 but if we try to do things more productive and reduce those unproductive habits in you; you may able to lead a happy and successful life. The main purpose of life is not happiness its usefulness. The real success of life lies in how you make use of your life.

Keep in touch with Living In Wellbeing for finding your passions and goals and we are here to ready to help you to find measures to achieve your goals and lead a happy and successful life.

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2 months ago

Your advice is like a lighthouse in the stormy sea of health challenges. Your blog is the beacon, guiding me safely to the shores of well-being

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