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Do you ever look back and think whether did you do that?

  • Yes, we all will make bad decisions sometimes like,
  • Taking a job that you are not passionate about.
  • Creation of products that no one needs.
  • Being in a relationship without being infatuated.
  • Buying gadgets that have only a little or little use.

Yes, it may happen, but the funniest thing is that we can’t recognize the bad decision as bad at that moment. Decision making is an integral part of being a human we are all learning this skill ever since we are little kids deciding whether to choose chocolate or vegetable play X box or studying. As we grow older the decision that we make becomes more complicated while the consequence becomes more serious. I don’t have to tell you that the decision that you are making today will determine your future and how you invest your making today will determine how quickly you will achieve your goals. But decision making is not an easy thing because if it would be then people wouldn’t be making so many bad decisions it’s not that people want to make bad decision it just happens that there are all these emotional triggers and noise while we make a decisions so we end up making poor decisions so before we dive into the concepts and strategies on how to improve your decision making skills let’s have a look at some of the main reasons why people are making poor decision incomplete or false information we now live in the internet age where information is available to almost everybody and lots of it the problem is that information for the most part is uncontrolled meaning that anyone can post whatever they want so when you do your research you might come across information that is not true, this works hand to hand with confirmation bias refers to our tendency to search for and favor information that confirms our belief while simultaneously ignoring or devaluing the information that contradicts our belief.

Humans are emotional creatures. I would say too emotional and that why marketers are using emotion to influence our buying decision and as you have probably noticed it works a lot of times we but stuff that we don’t really need it is also common to get emotionally attached let’s say I, have a friend. He is a good friend of mine and I really like and respect him. He doesn’t know it. But he has a huge influence on me. One day he starts to smoke and he is telling me that it’s cool to smoke and all the cool kids do that. Because I respect me, I believe that is the telling is truth and I will probably start to smoke as well even if I think that it and healthy and good for me.

Our lives are in a constant hurry we have deadlines to meet and we are busy all the time. So it’s no wonder that one of the biggest problems in decision making is a rash decision that we later have to regret at first it might seem like there is not much we can do with our deadlines but usually people themselves create situations where they have to make a rush decision if my boss asked me to prepare a presentation in most cases he will give me some time to do that it’s unlikely that he will suddenly from thinner want a presentation in the next 3 year. I might be given a week or at least a couple of days to do a proper and come up with a good action plan. In our case, we will use a week as an example. So the point of getting a task it seems reasonable to prepare the presentation in on week So if I think it will take me 10 hours to prepare everything I can easily spend 2 each day and by the end of the week I will have the job done. But this is not what most people do. Most people will procrastination till the last day and then be like oh my god I have so little time left and my boss needs a presentation today. And if you are in a problem like this you will probably make a bad decision.

As we all know we all are surrounded by an environment that can have a huge influence on how we are making our decisions and this environment in no way is helping us to make a good decision in our life so we have to be smart about how we are going to tackle this so needed skill of decision making.

The decision must go in line with your goals.

Small decisions make a huge impact.

Take yourself out of the situation

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