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We all had usually seen or heard about the articles or books that promising the 10 way to success or secrets behind success etc. like it. First of all, let me tell you to stop reading those kinds of books and articles and try to save your time.

If we search that what are the habits of a millionaire it may give the results like; they may sleep only 2 hours a day, won’t eat rice at dinner, wear only a white coat, etc.  It doesn’t mean that if you follow those habits like you began to sleep only for 2 hours a day, restrict yourself from eating rice at dinner, won’t make you a millionaire.  Besides some kind of good habits, hard work and dedication are too needed for a successful life.

Nassim Taleb once had written about it in Fooled By Randomness  that “Hard work, showing up on time, wearing a clean (preferably white) shirt, using deodorant, and some such conventional things contribute to success—they are certainly necessary but may be insufficient as they do not cause success.”

See, those types of articles and books are designed to give you a good feeling about yourself like, I have all the traits of successful people. I am one of them! Most of us only focus on the outcome means success. And no one cares about the process. Studying, learning, and stealing productive habits or tactics are all smart things to do.

Everyone will act that the word success doesn’t mean getting money and status.  But it’s not true. To be honest when we talk about success we talk about getting rich.

The author of the book ‘Anything You Want’, Derek Sivers said it best on Tin Ferriss Show when he was asked about success.

Notice how we all assume that when you say “become successful” you mean “get rich”.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting rich. People can pursue anything they want.

In any case, we should keep it genuine and not imagine that “no one but you can decide the meaning of accomplishment,” and afterward talk about the propensities for tycoons.

Reading articles and books that talk about success is a waste of time they won’t teach you anything useful. When I talk about habits, I don’t talk about outcomes. I talk about changing our actual behavior so that it will improve the quality of our lives. When we talk about how a lot of people love to dissect success, we can say that, there’s a difference between studying success and building a business or career that matters. It’s the same as talent and hard work. We know a lot of talented people who never contributed anything to the world.

And we also know a lot of people without talent who did wonderful things in life. Realizing that how generally will be fruitful won’t ensure achievement. I trust it’s the inverse. Individuals who don’t accept they know everything regularly achieve the most. Achievement doesn’t occur by copying others. Regardless of what number of propensities for fruitful individuals you may have, it doesn’t mean anything.

For example, let’s discuss waking up early.  Yes, it’s a part of a good habit. But waking up is not a skill that makes something.  When you imitate a rich person by imitating waking up early, one of his habits, will you become rich by waking up early?

Richard Branson, one of the most well-known people in the world, and many believe that he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He had written several books, articles, and also been interviewed, analyzed, and researched to death.  We know most of the things about his mindset and habits. If we try to imitate him why are there not more world-famous entrepreneurs? Yes, it’s not that simple.

Why do we study successful people, we all want the outcome but no one is ready to put in work themselves You can’t guarantee somebody achievement on the off chance that they do XYZ. If you indiscriminately attempt to mirror others you are slaughtering your character. Ralph Waldo had said “Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide”

Try to be yourself. Imitation is death sounds better than the lame old just be yourself!. Life is not about success only, no matter how you will define it. Life is about the battle of making sense of things, the very thing that a considerable lot of us flee from. J.Cole the musicians once wrote in his song called ‘Love Yourz’ about this concept.  He says There is a beauty in the struggle. Ugliness in the success. That’s what imitation does.

Do create your path. No matter how hard it is

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6 months ago

Your insights are like the stars in the night sky, illuminating the path to a healthier life. Thank you for being my guiding constellation

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