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You all have goals in our lives. You have different ways of reaching or achieving them. But when you work hard towards fulfilling your goals, you get so obsessed with the end targets that you forget about the system that matters. To achieve the short term targets you forget to develop good long term habits which will make the real difference at the end. Without good habits, success is not sustainable. In this article, we list out some of the ways of achieving overnight success.

  • One of the best ways to develop long term habits is getting rapid feedback. Feedback helps to make adjustments to the current behaviour. New habits are developed through awareness and goals. And when there a habit that you are not aware of then only constructive feedback can help you in knowing it. Feedbacks helps you in knowing things that need a change. This is why feedback plays a critical role in achieving success.
  • The best way of achieving maximum results is by eliminating the non-productive activity. The Pareto Principle says that 80 per cent of your revenue comes from 20 per cent of your clients. The best strategy you may follow is focussing on 20 per cent of the clients and giving a considerably lesser time to the remaining 80 per cent. Also, you must identify the 20 per cent of the strategies that are successful and try to give lesser time to the remaining 80 per cent. Therefore, simplify and eliminate the distractions to reach your targets.
  • The environment always plays a critical role in success. If you are surrounded by the right people, they will push you towards the right things. The world around us shapes our behaviour. The places and people around you will help you in filling with cues and triggers that can make following or learning new good habits easier. These habits lead to success in your personal life. So you must try to live in an environment where you can grow as a person and gives you the motivation towards working harder for your goals.
  • Your success will ultimately depend on the ability you possess. If you know your goal and the abilities you require, the half-game is won. Now all you need to do is work on your shortcomings. This can be done by following and living a disciplined life. Good habits will help you achieve that life. With little effort here and there along with good habits, you would see a great improvement in the habits in a short span of time. This would ultimately help you in achieving success.

The above mentioned are some of the ways through which you can achieve success. No definition or book will tell you that you can become successful this or that way. The only way success will come is by working hard. When you work harder, you put in the effort to become a better and skilful person. Ultimately it is your habits that will help you in achieving success. If at any point in life, you need any assistance regarding improving your lifestyle and learning good habits for achieving success, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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4 months ago

A catalyst for positive change in habits. The blog has been a game-changer for me

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