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If you are distressed, sit back, relax and think of the splendour of the earth

Meditation is neither an art nor a science. It is a fad perpetrated on the gullible, by self-acclaimed practitioners for a fee, which becomes their livelihood.

Some claims of meditators and a realistic look into it.

Keeps you stress-free and reduce ageing: You get more stressed trying to get out of your stress for you have no solution to your problem yet again. Problems can be solved only through the application of knowledge and experience. Ageing cannot be stopped. You can make a cosmetic effect of looking young through other means than meditation; or is it a long shot at immortality in vain? Ageing is the norm of life. You need to give way to a new life.

Makes you feel connected and appreciate life better: No chance! Look at the world around. You will appreciate it better with an open mind rather than when you close your mind meditating. You are only isolating yourself. To stay connected with others the only option is good and effective communication with others.

Makes you and those around you happier: You are only encroaching into their time and space.

Improves the functioning of your brain: Try SUDOKU for a change.

Helps you get a good night’s sleep and improves your metabolism: A claim better discarded. You have a problem and you meditate, it will not vanish and you have a sleepless night. Your problem is still there when you rise in the morn. Meditation cannot be a solution for your body requirements. If you have one, a visit to a doctor is the only solution.

Improves immunity: It is the physiology and the environment that provides the immunity factor for any individual being. Living in a slum condition and meditating will not ensure immunity or help anyone fight contagion. You need to live clean.

Increases attention span: No way. Attention requires concentration, a scientific and open mind backed with knowledge, while meditation calls for closing the mind to the environment and concentrating on the self. The self will not provide any solution, but the environment can.

Lowers blood pressure: It has been scientifically proved, but only at the time of meditation. Facing challenges is the purpose of life and higher blood pressure is its part, but not detrimental, other than when you are sick and then you need help.

Prevents anxiety attacks by increasing energy levels: If man had not been anxious, there never would have been civilizations and concern for near and dear. It is anxiety that marksman out from the rest of the animal kingdom. Energy level has been proved to improve when confronted with problems. Yes meditate when you have a problem, but do it systematically, thinking about possible solutions and then the energy level will be high, for you have something to be done.

Decreases tension-related pain and betters the mood and adds more hours to your day:  Tension is caused by the anxiety of wellbeing of self and near ones. If we are not worried then you are akin to God.

A demanding job, a nagging wife, an hour of meditation – what can the mood and behaviour be? You are human, not God. You are only wasting time. Life is real.

It does not require meditation to make you aware of your happiness, and harmony in life cannot be through meditation; it is from realising that we have problems and sometimes we need help. We are not alone in this world. Get back to your near and dear ones and that is meditation, not sitting squat and thinking of yourself, ALONE.

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