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We all want to lead a happy and fulfilling life on a deeper level. No one I know has ever said, “I’d rather be miserable than happy!” There isn’t any evidence of this happening. Then they’ll have to start looking around. It’s a great day. But we’ll go out of our way to make things difficult for ourselves. You are the master of your own destiny. If you’re not happy in your life right now, it has nothing to do with you; instead, it suggests that your current way of thinking doesn’t serve you. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realise how important it is to make the most of each and every day. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Your actions are dictated by your perspective on life. And your life is a record of what you’ve done in the course of your lifetime.

So, if you want to alter your behaviour (and, by extension, your life), all you have to do is alter your perspective on life. Here are certain things I learned along the way. I hope they can help you as much as they helped me. “I hope I don’t get sick!” is a good place to start, rather than “I don’t want to get sick.” “I really hope I don’t lose my job.” “I hope she doesn’t leave me!” he exclaimed. (crying) “I hope I don’t lose my money!’ Put an end to dwelling on the negative. Focus on what you desire. You’ll be in a better frame of mind to make positive changes in your life. We can’t just think about it; we must act. It’s time to act. Even if all you want to do is sit in silence for a few minutes each day to meditate, you still have to do it. Having a positive outlook on life isn’t enough on its own. Doing is a sine qua non.

Take charge—I get a headache from our tendency to be docile. When I should be doing something, I find myself instead staring at the object in question. At work, intervene when you see a conflict developing. Set a good example for others to follow. Be the first to do something, no matter what it is. Don’t go unnoticed by hiding behind others. Make suggestions, come up with new ideas, and take the lead. Be the first to think of something. I’m not a fan.
Don’t be afraid to go against the grain, and when you start something new, make a statement about the way you do things. This necessitates a willingness to think outside the box. Without it, you’ll end up as a follower rather than a pioneer or leader. Many artists and creatives succumb to this temptation. They think they’re original, but they’re just copycats.
Don’t be afraid to show up—Life is difficult. Some days, I just want to be alone in my apartment. What the heck, I’m done! I need a rest!” One must face the world head-on to lead a fulfilling life. You have to show up no matter what the situation is like: rain, sunshine, unpleasant people or pleasant ones; pressure; accusations; pleasure; pain; praise; criticism; or any other combination of these. Regardless of what it is, please hand it over to me.If something doesn’t work, stop doing it—but don’t give up.

Everyone keeps telling you that you shouldn’t give up. Relax. Relax, and don’t take yourself too seriously. To lead a happy and fulfilling life, you must constantly give up on things. Why use a hammer to break down a concrete wall if you can’t get it to work? Quit now. Don’t stop trying to demolish that wall, no matter what. Find a sledgehammer and use it. To stay in shape, I enjoy doing things like boxing and MMA. Fighters can be divided into two categories. Others go into “camp” to train for battle. For a period of three months, they eat well, train frequently, and study film of their adversary to prepare. There are also a few fighters who spend most of their time in “camp.” They don’t plan. To their credit, they are always prepared. Then, live your life as if you were. You can handle anything life throws at you if you maintain your strength.
You can’t operate at full capacity all the time, so take regular breaks to recharge your batteries. Maintaining physical fitness necessitates adequate rest to allow your body to heal. I don’t believe in training or working 18 hours a day (shut out to the “hustle” culture; I don’t believe you all). Rest wisely, and don’t forget to schedule it. Be sure to take a few short pauses throughout the day to recharge yourself. In addition, take longer vacations throughout the year. ‘
Ignore the cynics—No matter where you go, there will always be people who doubt your abilities. Those who doubt your plans are often close associates, family members, or even your spouse. They have no sense of propriety. Selectively snub them. Pessimists aren’t necessarily bad people; they just tend to think negatively.
Remind yourself of your goals—we are prone to forgetting what we want. Then one day you wake up and wonder, “What should I do with my life?” despite months of doing everything right. There are times when you must remind yourself of your definition of happiness. Another option is to surround yourself with those who serve as a constant reminder of what’s truly important in life, whether they’re found online or in person. That’s why I publish a newsletter every week. The purpose of this post is to remind me (and everyone who has subscribed) to keep going.
Living a happy life is a matter of looking at it objectively. This is a simple idea, but putting it into practice can be difficult. “Easier said than done” is one of my favourite phrases. Exactly what I was getting at. Your genius has just made my day.

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An essential resource for habit formation. The blog is a constant source of positivity

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