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Do you honestly believe that if you merely follow the habits of others, you’ll be successful? If such was the case, it was a cinch to succeed. Avoiding the harmful behaviours of unsuccessful people will increase your chances of success. I hadn’t met someone successful until I was 24. Because I was raised in a lower-middle-class household, I was surrounded by more upper-middle-class peers. My first successful encounter was with a forty-something businessman. He was one of my first customers when I established my first genuine business. It wasn’t until I met him that I realised how much money and happiness he had. A half-decade earlier, he had also lost the love of his life, his wife, to cancer. We formed a close bond of mutual respect and admiration. That was the last straw for him, he told me. Though he had to deal with sorrow, he nonetheless kept an optimistic attitude and accomplished wonderful things.

He was sincerely concerned about others. Because of this, he granted me the opportunity to do business with him even if my first business wasn’t outstanding. For him, failure was the last thing on his mind. That’s the most valuable thing Dad taught me. If you’re unhappy, broke, overweight, or foolish then you need to find out what causes you to be that way. Then get rid of them from your life. That piece of advice has stayed with me all these years. I appreciate the idea of striving to avoid failure, as he puts it. Because what is a success, really? Dylan’s second-best definition comes from the great singer-songwriter, who happens to be one of my all-time musical heroes.
“Is it possible to be a success as long as you get out of bed every day, eat a healthy breakfast, and go to bed at night “-Bob Dylan? In the past, you may have come across publications discussing the behaviours of successful individuals. The problem with those articles is that they offer you something if you meet certain conditions. You can do ten push-ups, eat three eggs with bacon, wash your hair with soybeans, and repeat your daily affirmations all at the same time. This “if I do x, I’ll be successful or happy” frame of thinking needs to be abandoned. It causes you to do precisely the opposite: You copy what other people are doing. Do what other people are doing. Regardless of how little I know about what constitutes a successful career, it is not successful in my book.
Things we shouldn’t do are listed below. Don’t worry if you’re guilty of one of these poor behaviours; no one is flawless. You should be concerned if you have two poor behaviours.
There are at least three or four of you. It’s possible that you should alter your approach because no one likes to be unsuccessful.

1. They’re Constantly Distracted, to Start With

Greg McKeown’s Essentialism is one of my all-time favourite books. McKeown tells the story of how he reconnected with a long-lost classmate years later. It was explained to McKeown that he was looking for work, but that McKeown might be able to help. The guy received a text message twenty seconds into the talk, and he began to respond to it by gazing at his phone. McKeown claims: “Ten seconds passed. After that, add another twenty. I did nothing but watch while he texted furiously.” He gave up after two minutes and walked away from the texting maniac.
Don’t spend your time thinking about the future or the past, worrying about the future or the past. That individual from the example could have gotten a great job recommendation from Greg McKeown if he had been there.

2. Talk Is Cheaper than Action

Is there anything better than discussing something? I’m going to do it. There is scientific evidence to show that talking about your objectives is detrimental. Derek Sivers gave a talk on this topic called Keep Your Goals to Yourself at TED in 2010.” I’m training for a marathon,” we hear it all the time, both in person and online. In other words, “I’m launching a company. “Astonishing is how some people react to it. They congratulate you on making an announcement. There is a big difference between saying you want to run a marathon and really doing it, right? As far as your brain is concerned, those things aren’t that far apart. Derek Sivers is of the opinion that: “Psychologists have discovered that when you tell someone your aim and they acknowledge it, it’s termed a “social reality.” The mind gets fooled into thinking it’s already finished. This satisfaction reduces your desire to put in the actual effort required, and vice versa. Don’t just speak the talk; actually, put your words into action.

3. They Hang Out with People Who Aren’t Successful.

The more time you spend with losers, the more likely you are to become one yourself. You can use this analogy to describe any kind of individual. What are your fitness goals? Fit people are fun to be around. There is a reciprocal energy exchange between people. Your pal inquiring when you’re going to the gym or your friend asking to go out for the third time this week.

4. They are enraged by everything.

They have a particular disdain towards wealthy individuals. Why is it so difficult for you to rejoice in the good fortune of others? Pollyannas are not real people, so don’t worry. Being positive and cool can go hand-in-hand. Love others; it won’t do you any harm. There is nothing they can stand, even if it is simply “being.” Because of the rain that fell this morning, my hair is a complete mess. “I despise the rain.” What’s the matter? It’s fine to have a terrible day—everyone gets angry from time to time. However, a poor LIFE is certain if you are perpetually pessimistic.

5. They’re Slow to Act

What’s the point of delaying? I once requested an extension on an essay deadline from a professor during my time in college. “I’m willing to extend your deadline by one week,” he said. If you don’t turn in your essay until a week from now, will it be any better? My answer was “no,” therefore I pushed myself to the limit in order to meet the deadline. Delaying something is only a good idea if it would allow you to perform a better job later. Delayed gratification isn’t worth anything, is it? Don’t put it off; you’ll regret it if you do.

6. They Don’t Pay Attention to Other People’s Thoughts.

Unsuccessful people are self-obsessed. Since we all adore ourselves, it’s safe to say that if you don’t succeed, you’ll only be able to appreciate yourself. Listening is a sign of our concern for others. What else can you do to convey that you are concerned? Everyone has the ability to hug you, but not everyone calls to inquire about your well-being. Repeat after me: “Ask, listen, care.”

7. In addition to being lazy, they’re also sluggish.

Nothing ever gets done because you don’t want to. Not feeling like going out to dinner with your significant other or not feeling like purchasing an amazing present for your mother’s birthday: this has happened to all of us at some point. We all know it’s because of your laziness. Participate in a sport with your family, friends, or partner. New and exciting experiences are what make life worth living. Laziness prevents you from exposing yourself to fresh experiences. In addition, it’s unfair to the individuals that matter to you.

8. They Aren’t Educated.

One of the most challenging aspects of life is acquiring new knowledge and skills. We shouldn’t be surprised that so many people never pick up a book, never complete their education, or never learn from their past mistakes. It’s difficult to learn anything new. However, consider this: We are living in the most fascinating period in educational history. There has never been a time when getting knowledge was so simple. Traditionally, if your father was a farmer, you were a farmer, too. That’s how things were. Now that you know how to do it, you can be anyone you want to be.

8. They’re Not Friendly

Apparently, being a jerk is a cool thing to do. Actually, it’s a lot cooler to be friendly. There is no need to be a Buddhist monk to be a good person. Try it once in a while, and you may meet some new people. A jerk is someone who has difficulties understanding what it means to be a “good person.”

9. They’re a bunch of quitters, too.

I waited till the end to show you the worst. It’s my hope that the most important thing you take away from the reading is this:
“Giving up is our greatest weakness. In order to succeed, the most sure-fire method is usually to try once more.” -Thomas A. Edison
I’m at a loss for words at this point. There is, in fact, one: Never Give Up.

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