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Time is never sufficient for any of us. We always think that we do not have sufficient time to complete our tasks because it rushes to nowhere and we are not able to catch up with it.
The first truth regarding the idea that we do not have sufficient time is not true since most of us try to fit in all types of duties to the schedule. The majority of them, are not of any use. Some are not at all productive or does not give any positive results in life at all.

Time is never always enough for all of us and this makes it really very powerful. Time is limited and hence it is precious. Every one of us will die. But we are not so sure how much time is left. Every human being knows that time is limited and we need to make complete use of this limited time in a more productive way.

Time can also be considered abundant. If we think of the years that have passed, we feel like it has passed away really fast. In reality, the hours that we had, were not countable. We had a lot of hours and this might make us think that we did not spend the time that was available to us in a wise way. We did waste a lot of time that makes us feel guilty. We still waste time without any second thought. God had created everyone with a tie period of 24 hours a day. The success depends on the way one manages and utilizes the given 24 hours usefully and worth fully. By utilizing the given time more efficiently we get more free times and during these free times we are able to do new things

The main trick for using time wisely is to see the length and breadth of time and to feel it deep in us. It should be like the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. It should be included in something that is limited and which is most precious. Like air, we have a lot of time. The oxygen for our living is limited and so it should be used with care. This is also the case with time. But the point is that our needs are more compared to the time available.

How to make the most out of the available time

  1. Look at our gifts in a positive manner. For use, each new day is a big gift. We are given so much time to spend a day. Make use of this time in a more useful way of creating something, for loving, for feeling happy, and to laugh, to understand nature, to read, to hear music and more. This is really awesome. Most of us do not appreciate the time we get and try to look down upon how little time we have for fulfilling our activities. Each hour is a great gift and every moment too.
  2. Using time in an intentional way and with joy. Since every hour is a gift, we should never waste it. We need to use it in a proper manner intentionally for things that are of more importance to us. Self-care should also come in this time and do make it a point to take rest whenever you need to so that we can fully enjoy our available time in a productive manner.
  3. Prioritize and use your time. Most of us use time as an excuse when we do not want to do something especially when we want to say a no. but this is not true as we simply need to prioritize what to do and what not to. We just have to choose what is important for us.
  4. Create some space. When you do have some priorities, then it is also essential to create time for making them come true. We need to find some time to work on what we need to excel on.
  5. Enjoy each moment and try to complete your tasks as if you have little time. This idea with really help us try to achieve what we want in life and this idea will help us work for gaining and fulfilling our dreams.

Trying to practice these in life can help you to practice what you want to learn and excel and also to make use of your time in a much more valuable way.

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2 months ago

your insights are like a lantern in the dark, illuminating the path to a healthier and brighter life. Truly guiding light!

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