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Each one of our lives is filled with all kinds of addictions and distractions. This can include a lot of things including social media, websites, shopping, videos, coffee, porn, sweets, soda, fries, gambling, work alcoholism, procrastinating, perfectionism, self-hate, addiction to drama, and more. Findings of the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) study demonstrated that unrecognized adverse childhood experiences are a major factor underlying addiction. These adverse childhoods experience results in neurodevelopment changes and emotional damage (Felitti, 2004).

Such addictions in life give us a soothing effect when we feel extremely stressed out or when we feel really bad about ourselves or even others. Too much anxiety, depression and anger inside can be really bad. But the anxiety and insecurity, when overwhelmed inside us can do bad things to us. It creates self-doubt, uncertainty and even loss of peace of mind.

With the help of our own personal addictions, we tend to clear some things really well. Since these addictions soothe our minds we feel that we cannot stop doing them in the future.
When we want to deal with addictions, we need to understand that it is a problem and not a solution to every problem. Most of us try to make our minds think that it is okay to do certain things like smoking, overreacting, procrastinating and so on goes the list. Until we admit that we have a problem, can we change it for our better?

Changing the addiction is very difficult. It will give you a lot of problems. When you seem to be addicted to any kind of thing, withdrawal or stopping from the addiction is not so easy. It may create some like unbalancing of physical strength sometimes even cause issues even to mental strength. But you need to be willing to face them if you want to get rid of any addiction.
Taking the right action is very essential. When you plan to change habits and addictions, it will take time, a whole lot of them. And this really has to control that brain that is used to the years-old addictions. The brain has to help you to face the problem with a stern stand.
When you try to take action towards controlling an addiction, the next thing that you face is the discomforts of the mind. Normally you have been following the addiction only because you wanted to relax your mind. But now when you try to stop that habit from being part of your life anymore, you sure have to face some amount of discomfort. This can cause a lot of stress inside you.

Try to soothe your mind and do not try to feel that stress and uncertainty, so that you will feel good and back to normal again.
Normally we do not want our minds to feel the discomfort. So we try to keep our addictions within us and try not to control them. Our mind keeps every habit of ours inside it and we tend not to do anything that makes it feel uncomfortable. This will always keep the addiction always in the lock. We do not want to break this cage of ours.

Just think of what can happen if we open the gates of the cage. This could mean that we will be able to gain the real freedom that we have already yearned for long back.
So to train ourselves we need to keep more attention to the body and understand its discomforts and uncertainties. Go deep into it and understand how it feels like.
If you feel that the addiction is trying to drain you out, do not let this happen. Stop for a moment and give some space. Understand the discomfort that your body or mind is facing due to the lack of a particular habit. Understand it completely. This is not a big deal. You can avoid this without any fail.
Try to be more compassionate to yourself and live each moment in your life. Feel the pains as well as beauties of life and soon you will be able to free yourself from any of these addictions within four weeks’ time.

For getting more information and for your assistance we, Living In Wellbeing is always available and ready to help you in any of your situations. Keep in touch and do contact.

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Implementing your habits is like sculpting a sandcastle of well-being. Each grain contributes to the solid foundation of a healthier life

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