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Putting ourselves in a particular pattern, especially a new one is tiring and hard. We need to work hard when we want to do so. Habit formation is a process in which a new character or behavior becomes automatic. We indeed try to form a lot of powerful habits and we make it practical for some time. But after a couple of days, we are back to the early routine and the new habits tend to fall off.

But we can always try working for it till we make it a habit. Making it a habit to such an extent that we will never leave that habit later on and it becomes something like breathe in-breathe out process which can never be changed.

For this, you simply need to work on it. Just try to act as if you will make it a habit. For example, if you plan to wake up early in the morning and read books every day then you might deliberately do it for a day or two. On the third day, you either forget or get bored or you become lazy. That’s okay. You can still try it for the rest of the days until it changes into a very powerful habit that cannot be changed.

It is quite normal to fall off from new habits. But it can become a real habit when you attempt it often, repeat it every day. Soon it will become a real habit you are attached to. The reason why you fall off from habit is not a big issue. It is just a sight that shows you that you are changing your daily pattern or routine.

You can always start the habit if you try to repeat the process the very next day and so on. The process of habit formation can be made more successful by considering the opinion of other people who care about one’s progress, by caring for specific and reasonable goals for changing, etc.

Making power habits gain space in our life needs a lot of practice.

  • When you find that you have lost the track of your new habit and you are merely following it, you might feel a bit off the place. It feels like everything has shattered.
  • Start it right again with dedication. If you feel discouraged, just relax and start over again. There is no strain at all.
  • Try to make adjustments. You can always take the last time as a benchmark and learn from it- both the positives as well as the mistakes. You need to remind yourself more and more. But never get discouraged just learn from the process even if you tend to lose the habit.
  • You have to be your encouragement. If you want to build a new strategy, you need to encourage yourself. If you are trying to discourage you, then immediately try to push forward to do as per your plan.

Remind yourself that nothing is impossible and even the word impossible itself means I’m possible. So strongly believe in yourself and work hard for it. Success will be certainly yours. So simply go for it.

Some of the habits you need to follow while trying to bring up some powerful habits are:

  • Meditation. It is very essential to keep your mind energetic throughout the process. Just make your mind say that you will come back and will make a real difference.
  • Messaging and emailing. Do it twice a day- a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening. Make sure you clear out unnecessary ones and label and move important ones for later.
  • Single task. When you are doing something important, especially the ones that need your full focus, make sure you do it in a single-tasking way. This is really important as it gives your complete perfection without any kind of distractions.
  • Be grateful. A kind of daily gratitude after your work is done, makes you become more positive and helps to garner more positivity for the next day and the days to come.
  • Regular exercise. This is really important since you become more positive after a few minutes of self-care. This preps you for your works, refreshes you and energizes your mind.

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6 months ago

Your blog is like a wellness oasis in the desert of health challenges. Your insights are the cool, refreshing water that sustains my well-being

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