Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail

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Learning good habits is not an easy task. But once you develop new good habits and new behaviour you must make sure that you to follow it regularly. However, the reality is that you are more likely to fall into your old habits and patterns rather than sticking to the new behaviour. This is one of the biggest reasons why people fail to develop or stick to new habits. To help you in developing and following new habits in your life, we list down some of the common mistakes that cause new habits to fail.

  • Learning new habits is a good approach but you must not try to change everything at once. Most people try to learn all the new habits at once and end up learning nothing. To overcome this shortcoming you must pick one habit at a time and do it well. Once the new habit becomes a part of your routine then you may switch on to the next one. With this approach, you will slowly and gradually learn all the good habits and follow them consistently.
  • When you are struggling to learn new habits, pick a keystone habit. A keystone habit is one that puts the rest of your life in line. When you pick such one habit, all other habits will start falling in place. Like for example, you want to learn good eating habits but not able to do it, what you can do is join the gym. Joining a gym will make your fitter and force you to follow good eating habits. Therefore, just with one new habit, you bring other bad habits in line.
  • Many times people fail to learn new good habits because they start with a habit that is too big. This is the wrong approach. You must start the activity of learning a new habit that is not too big. By starting with new and small habits you will have the motivation of reaching and learning it quickly. You may focus on improving one per cent better every day. Slowly and gradually these changes will help you in learning bigger habits with ease.
  • Most of the people fail in learning new habits because they are seeking a result. The best way to learn new habits is focussing on the behaviour and not thinking of the outcome. A new habit is the outcome of a process, so stop chasing the results. Therefore, for learning a new habit you will have to fall in love with its process and ritual.
  • Many time people do not change their environment to learn new habits. For learning new habits it is also advisable to create an environment that promotes good habits. You can never stick to a good habit in a negative environment. Therefore, you must not shy in admitting if the environment around you is not good and try to change it with your actions. A single habit of changing the environment will help you in performing your new habits successfully.

The above mentioned are some of the common mistakes that cause new habits to fail. If at any point in life, you need any assistance regarding learning the new good habits and breaking the old bad habits, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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4 months ago

HabitsDoctor, your blog is like a yoga session for the mind. Each post stretches my understanding of health and wellness!

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