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Distraction is a common feeling that most of us experience throughout the day. We are not able to keep our minds calm and we never get to focus on what we are supposed to do. We rarely try to follow our path and neglect our feeling of purpose, which is not good for succeeding in life.

Instead of focusing on what we should do, as our day to day duties, we often start jumping from one message to another or some posts on social media and distract ourselves from our real purpose. The whole day long, we try to do things of lesser importance than to those that need more focus in life.

We jump from one thing to another and one distraction to another rather than keeping our minds focused on the main duty we are supposed to do. This can make us really stressed out and unfocused. Normally we like to be calmer in life and stay focused at least for a short period of time a day. But even that is not possible due to the distractions that we really focus on.

Developing a habit of focusing our mind

We are the most distracted. The first thing that we need to train our minds is to stay calm as most of us do not like to be distracted. When we try to meditate, we will find how the mind works. The mind works. It tries hard to get distracted. It will take time to control it to where we want it to reach.

Hence we have to accept this nature of our mind and not battle with it. On the other hand, you need to befriend these habits. Stay calm and never judge it. Try to encourage your mind to stay focused and soon things will work out the way you want to be.

Meditation can help you in the process of calming your minds. Meditation is a very good example of this. Giving a good space for medication will settle a lot of problems our mind is facing. It also helps to focus a lot and as a result, we are able to understand our purpose in life and stay more focused. Distractions can be warded off with this technique.

We make our minds distracted by feeding it with unnecessary distractions such as:

  • Text messages, emails, messaging apps like snap chat, WhatsApp and messenger
  • Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Blogs, News and other websites that are our all-time favourites
  • Gaming, apps on phone and more
  • Trying to do small and easy tasks

Even if there is nothing wrong if us do these things, but these things can make our minds go distracted. This in turn will make us move far away from our real focal point.

How to avoid such distractions is a real thing to deal with. The first thing we need to do is to slow down a bit and halt and then check what we should be doing and understand that we are wasting plenty of time by checking unnecessary things. Just breathe and relax a bit then stop what you are doing-especially those things that distract you. Then start your tasks with a fresh mindset.

Taming our mind that is distracted

  1. Meditation. When you meditate at the start of the day, you will be able to gain more control over your mind and be able to give your mind some space. This is the real training for your mind to behave properly the whole day long.
  2. Make spaces while doing your tasks. This means that you need to give a small space between your works, and allow your mind to relax. This can mean that you can relax a bit without being distracted by things like social media. This helps you to concentrate more.
  3. Stay away from distractions. For this, you simply have to block those apps, blogs, or websites, or even social media that keep you distracted from your work.
  4. Never rush. Rushing between things will only keep your mind angry. Just relax and stay calm.
  5. Pause between two tasks. When you finish one duty and are going to step into the next one, just let yourself pause a bit and refresh yourself without checking your phone. This will help you to relax and rest in a natural manner.

In short, controlling your mind from being distracted is possible when you put in a small effort each day.

For getting more information and for your assistance we, Living In Wellbeing is always available and ready to help you in any of your situations.  Keep in touch and do contact.

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