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Mindfulness is a beautiful and magical word that is powerful and has the ability to help us to be more focused, happy and it does have lots of other qualities with positive effects. If you have not heard of this word, you might get the wrong idea.

The perfect idea of mindfulness can be called psychological. It is a method of bringing our attention to all sorts of experiences that are happening at the moment, and when we try to understand the situation without judging it, it becomes mindfulness. This ability can be developed only through meditation or concentration or similar methods of training the mind.

Normally we get the idea of those who prefer mindfulness as those people who find complete bliss by sitting and meditating for some time. But this might not be completely true.

Mindfulness can be termed as a really powerful tool that will help us understand the world. But all we need to do is open our eyes and understand things around.

It is true that mindfulness is not easy. One can meditate for some time. But after that, you would prefer to go and fulfill other plans and duties listed in your day’s to-do list.

When you attempt mindfulness, you will find that:

  • It is hard. When you try mindfulness, you need to start your day with meditation. This will make you feel really good about your qualities. It is also possible that you might try to get back to the earlier routine and then feel bad about doing so this can repeat for years. Sometimes it is also possible for you to meditate regularly and you also will be struggling hard to be mindful all through the day.
  • It is messy. Similar to our daily life activities, mindfulness can be messy. Normally we feel like keeping things in order, but end up making a mess of everything. We are able to take up mindfulness only if we practice it regularly.
  • It is really uncomfortable. To sit still and understand the present moment can be really boring. It will make you do things that are out of the plan and can also bring you back to your old habits. Hence mindfulness can become uncomfortable.
  • It is comfortable at times. Even though mindfulness is uncomfortable, if we try hard, we will not get back to our old habits. This is the reason why it is called really very powerful.
  • It needs a whole lot of practice. Practices relating to mindfulness can be really tiring at the beginning. It cannot be done for the first time itself, but it takes some time and that is what we call practice makes perfection to anything even mindfulness. When you practice it, you will be able to learn more things in life.
  • It will make you feel that you are not doing right. When you start, you will feel that you are not doing things in the right way. This feeling is not so very good. It is good to understand that this will make you feel that you are not doing it right, but this will help you to understand and accept the idea that you were not sure of anything. This will make us learn more.
  • It reveals your faults. Mindful practice will help you understand that you are not disciplined, tough, skilled, or special. Such things will get out of your mind when you practice. In short, this will help you practice more.
  • It is a part of showing self-compassion and compassion towards others. This needs the ability to open yourself. You need to be honest and must be willing to face anything that comes before you. All you need to become is to be more open-minded, curious and to be more positive.

This is really a good effort which needs your support. Your mind needs to welcome it with more positivity and you will be able to learn mindfulness to the core.

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6 months ago

your advice is like a compass in the desert, guiding me through the dunes of health choices. Your insights are my North Star!

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