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             In our daily lives, we interact with a lot of people and deal with a lot of situations. It completely depends on our behaviour and attitude as to how we respond to them. This behaviour and these habits have been acquired from us over a period. They directly or indirectly affect our routine life. So, it becomes very important to be aware of what habits we pick. But this is not as easy as it sounds. We are usually not conscious about our habits and we don’t even realize that they have become a part of our behaviour. In this course of acquiring new habits, we sometimes pick some habits that are not good for us. These bad habits to become a part of our life.

Here is a list of some of the common bad habits that a lot of people would relate to.

  1. Swearing- People swear when they lose their temper or hear something outrageous. But now this has become quite common for a lot of people. They develop a habit of swearing in regular conversation as well, which might be offensive for some people.
  2. Drinking too much coffee- A lot of people need coffee in the morning to get them going, and this would not exactly be considered a bad habit. But sometimes, we don’t realize when that one cup of morning coffee transforms into having coffee every few hours.
  3. Biting fingernails- This would be amongst the most common bad habit. People feel an urge to bite their nails, even if they know that it makes their hands look bad, and sometimes their cuticles may bleed too.
  4. Eating junk food- We know that eating out too much is not good for our health, and it can lead to weight issues and high cholesterol levels too. But we are hardly ever able to resist eating junk and fast food.
  5. Spending on credit cards- If credit cards are used cautiously, they are more of a facility than a bad habit. But often we lose track of how often we are using it, and how much we are spending on it. When we start spending too much on them without thinking of the debt, it becomes dangerous.
  6. Forgetting to shave- This might not be a big deal for some people, for others, it is considered sloppy or shabby. According to some people, people who don’t shave, don’t look as sharp and impressive as compared to the ones who do.
  7. All work and no play- Getting too immersed in work is a dangerous habit. While working, it might seem like an achievement to work without a break for long hours. But it is not good for our physical as well as mental wellbeing.
  8. Overspending- Shopping for our necessities and happiness is not a bad thing. But sometimes, we tend to spend way too much than required, and that too on items we might not need.
  9. Overeating- Excess of everything is dangerous for us, and so is the case with food. Every so often, we eat more than our body requires, and this is regretted by us later.
  10. Interrupting someone- A lot of times while talking to someone, we interrupt what the other person is saying to say what we think first. This is considered rude and offensive. Also, the person interrupting others comes across as overconfident or egoistic in these cases.

The above-mentioned are a few bad habits which you must avoid becoming a better human being. If you need any assistance to let go of an addiction or bad habit, get in touch with Living In Wellbeing. We help improve the living standards of people and make them a better being. 


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4 months ago

Implementing your habits is like crafting a masterpiece of well-being. Your blog is the canvas, and I’m the artist of my healthier life

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