7 Steps to Effective Study Habits

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Good study habits can determine one’s success with good grades in exams, getting a degree or completing tasks or assignments on time. By nature, habits are automatic reactions or actions. Having a good habit to study regularly can reduce the stress one feels around exam time!

Following these 7 steps can be helpful for you to develop the habit of regularly studying.

Step 1 – Have Self Awareness

The first step here is to develop self-awareness around the current study habits. This is important so that you can identify the improvements or changes that need to be made.

Look for habits or a schedule that you need to change for better focus and study-hours.

Step 2 – Define your outcome

Look at the big picture, the outcome you will achieve by developing regular study habits. Set a small goal for yourself for regularly studying with full concentration. It is best if you do this every day for the next 30 days to make it your habit.

Step 3 – Get Motivated

To make sure to perform the new routine enough to make it a habit, you will need to have sufficient motivation to do so.

Have clarity on the reasons and benefits, of why you want to develop the new studying habit.

Put some motivational pictures in the study area that can remind or relate to the benefits. This will be a frequent and a healthy reminder for you to stick to the right path.

Step 4 – Planning & Strategy

Before your behavior becomes a habit, it will need a wise strategy and planning to make sure you complete it effectively.

To begin with, you will need to set a particular time to study, just like a time table. Look at your current schedule and try to work in regular study blocks. To make it a firm habit, it is suggested to do the routine each day for 21-30 days consecutively.

Step 5 – Mental Preparation

The beliefs of yours about studying will determine your achievement. If you feel that studying is difficult or boring, that is what you will experience. Negative thoughts and feelings about yourself like “I can’t study” or “I have a bad memory” will harm your effectiveness.

To replace such thoughts with positive thoughts and consciously alter your attitude before your study sessions. Regularly remind yourself about your skills and abilities and recall the times you have studied well and have gotten good grades.

Say out your new beliefs to yourself and visualize yourself studying properly for the time you have set.

Step 6 – Implementation

Ideally, you will continue your new routine every day for about 21-30 days. If your work or classes do not allow this, you still can make a habit to follow it as many times as you can make it easier and more natural.

Before studying effectively becomes your habit, you will need a lot of willpower to carry it out and keep yourself motivated. This is why it is always good to have motivational things handy for you when it is time to study.

Step 7 – Record, Refine and Review

Keep track of your study sessions and also about what you have learned or studied. This will help you build a new self-image of your own as someone who studies with dedication and efficiency. Seeing your progress so far can give you the motivation to stay regular and keep going to reach the goal.

For more help and great tips on how to develop effective study habits or other habits, helping you in your life, get in touch with Living In Wellbeing.

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5 months ago

Your habits are like a sunrise, painting my life with the warm colors of health. Grateful for the daily dose of wellness inspiration

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