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Oh, what a long time we shall not be and the world will endure,
Neither name nor sign of us will exist;
Before this, we were not and there was no deficiency,
After this, when we are not, it will be the same as before-Omar Khayyam

Facts of life pictured above are what we refuse to fathom while we are and what we are now. The universe was what it was, what it is today, and will be so tomorrow long after we are gone. But for us that are alive today, our claim on life matters for today not realizing the transience of life. No King has survived the fact of letting go while alive, but had to when the call came in all its glory; the call of death.

We fret thinking of what the fate of our children would be after we are gone forgetting that we were children once, and we took care of our life and theirs, while now we cannot “let go” of that feeling that we are inevitable to their lives, forgetting that they will also with their life too, in our absence.

An instinct put us on the wheel of life, making it possible to go ahead, so will it be for them too. So let go. Every human must learn to survive – in however or whatever way it decides or finds best. So it is important to let go.

Having worked a long time in an organization, when the inevitable retirement comes, you worry how things would go in your absence, not realizing that you were there only doing a job and that someone could do it too, in fact, better. If you had felt that you were indispensable, you were wrong. You had not trained anyone to take your chair in the interest of the organization. You were interested only in your position in the organization. Sometimes retired persons are called back to help things going as before, but never in the former capacity or authority, which now belongs to some other. Walking back to your former office and seeing a junior in your seat could be depressing- let go, it is his or her right, as it had been yours. Let go’ the world can survive without you.

A free-will is bestowed on every human being, to live life at will. Any encroachment into that space will not be tolerated, no matter whom. A mother walking into her daughter’s kitchen has the feeling that her Kitchen was better arranged not realizing that it is not her kitchen but her daughter’s and anyone is free to keep her kitchen as she wanted to.“Let go”; accept the will of others, else get going with your will and leave the other alone with their freedom. Enjoy her life and yours too, for it is once in a lifetime affair.

There are times when letting go can be catastrophic. Cranky children before teens are one good example. Here you need to assert the importance of civic life. Teens need to be watched for good behaviour and associations. The girl child needs to be protected from external interferences. A wedded girl child needs to be kept in touch with lest you should miss out on her unanticipated misfortunes. The instinct to protect is all-pervading to the animal.

The joy of life is togetherness and understanding but being stubborn does not add to joy when together. If you feel that you are afraid of losing control over any situation or anyone, then you have a real problem, as others are as capable of handling any situation wisely; maybe better than you would. Khayyam is right.

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