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Good habits can help you be more productive. You will be happier if you cultivate positive habits. I’ve recently been attempting to develop habits that will help me appreciate life more. Finding habits that make you more productive isn’t tough, but putting in the correct rituals that boost your happiness is.

Here are the top ten resources that are useful:

  1. Maintaining a Checklist– Gold stars are small tokens of achievement. Keeping a to-do list not only makes me more productive but also makes me happy. When my daily checklist is completed, I don’t feel obligated to continue working. And each check provides me with a fleeting sense of accomplishment.
  2. Filling the Day with Activity – I constantly attempt to find that happy medium where my day is filled yet I can still do everything I want. If I am given too much time where I am not doing anything, I can get into a depressive state. Making certain that I don’t leave large holes in my schedule keeps me satisfied.
  3. Journaling — taking the time to write down your thoughts can help you feel better. Reduce the amount of time you spend in slumps to become happier. Writing helps you get out of ruts by providing you with more control over your thoughts.
  4. Silence – Remove all sounds for a short period of time. This may appear to be in opposition to “filling your day with activity,” but it is not. In the absence of activities, there is usually noise: television, computer surfing, and other diversions. Silence necessitates that you will yourself ignore the noise and simply ponder. It’s not easy in a fast-paced world, but it can keep you sane.
  5. Making a Phone Call – Don’t isolate yourself. I make it a point to contact pals on a frequent basis. This helps to keep the relationship going and keeps me happy. I’ve found that social networking sites like Facebook can help me keep in touch with some of my university pals when I’m at home for the summer.
  6. Be Active – Being active at something you enjoy can be a wonderful source of happiness. Although it might be frustrating at times when I’m writing a piece that doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction, I usually find a lot of joy in writing here.
  7. Entertainment – Eliminate activities that are neither valuable nor enjoyable, but do not eliminate all sources of high entertainment. Distinguish between activities that you truly enjoy and those that are simply mediocre. That way, you may completely enjoy them without feeling obligated to complete a lengthy to-do list.
  8. Find Time for Your Goals – Schedule time in your week to review your goals on a frequent basis. This time not only helps you plan, but it also makes you happier. Thinking about your goals for an hour or two a week will reinvigorate the motivation you felt when you first set them. I review my goals practically every week, and I usually leave feeling much more energised than when I began.
  9. With A now Habit – Focus your thoughts and stop the whirlwind of planning, worry, guilt, and irritation. Concentrating on the present moment and realising that it is complete; only your thoughts make it incomplete. The Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu holy book, refers to this as meditating on the universal Atman, or the underlying perfection of the world. Buddhists refer to this as Nirvana or enlightenment. Concentrating your mind on something consistent can help to stabilise your emotions and make you happier.
  10. Inspiration– Make it a habit to allow yourself to break your habits. Organize on the fly and be ready to seize opportunities as they arise. I don’t plan every aspect of my day, but rather seize chances when they arise. Staying productive in a chaotic atmosphere requires discipline, but it can produce greater satisfaction than if every piece of your time is predetermined.

The above-said habits will help will provide you with an extra burst of happiness, motivation, and self-esteem every morning and evening! It has the excellent side effect of concentrating your attention on positive things shortly before sleeping, which is beneficial to your sleep and subconscious mind.


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5 months ago

A constant source of motivation for growth. Articles have reshaped my approach to life

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