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Most of the people around us face time constrain issue in their personal or professional life because of the overwhelming amount of tasks. There are people whom I know who belong to the category of “good time management skills”, who can accomplish a ton of their personal and professional tasks in one single day and these people are very successful. This can be possible by making the best of their time, which can be achieved by prioritizing the tasks in their personal and professional life and also having a good plan in mind to accomplish them.

God had created everyone with a tie period of 24 hours a day. The success depends on the way one manages and utilizes the given 24 hours usefully and worth fully. By utilizing the given time more efficiently we get more free times and during these free times, we are able to do new things.

A great tip that can be implemented and which can do wonders in your life is to plan for your next day when you go to bed. It can be work-related tasks, which dress to wear, what to cook, whether to do grocery shopping or not and the list goes on. Planning your day well can save a lot of time and you won’t end up wasting your time unnecessarily and at the same time feel accomplished at the end of the day. Making time table also helps us to proper usage of time.

There are also people who are very bad at managing time; people who belong to the category with “poor time management skill” always end up with doing nothing in a day and saying that they didn’t get enough time to complete their tasks. This happens because they have a lot of tasks to do and neither have they had a clear plan nor they prioritize the things which they need to do. Well, some people fall into this category, unfortunately, not because of their fault or not because they are bad in managing their time. It can be due to never-ending workload from their office, financial issues forcing one to take more than one job and end up having no time for other stuff and a lot of other factors accidentally puts you in the category where you will find less or no time for anything in your life.

Factors affecting lack of time.

  • Work pressure from supervisor or manager, endless tasks assigned to you by people above your level, last-minute tasks and tasks which have deadlines.
  • Financial needs also affect people to have time constraints by forcing themselves to do more than one job and putting more hours in their work. Also, people tend to do most of the work by themselves by babysitting the kids themselves, mowing the lawn by themselves.
  • Pressure from the family members to do household chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping, taking care of the kids, taking care of the elder ones in the family, paying the bills, car cleaning, lawn mowing, house maintenance and a lot of other stuff.
  • Time conflict is another factor for the scarcity of time. For example when your kids drop off time to school and your meeting time is the same you will find it difficult to manage it.
  • Personal tasks such as taking shower, hair-cut, laundry, cleaning the house, bathroom, cooking, sleeping, shopping, exercise, meditation, your own hobbies and a lot.

Things to do’ to make better use of the time

  • Plan your day well by making a to-do list of all the tasks and activities which you need to do in the next 24 hours.
  • Prioritize your tasks that are of high importance first, complete that first and then move to the less important ones.
  • Avoid things that you don’t enjoy, if you do not have a passion or interest in whatever work or activity you are doing that will end up overdoing your work which results in taking too much of your time.
  • Keep track of your time that way you can spend a reasonable amount of time in each of your activities and you can speed up routine stuff.
  • Organize everything properly like your room, house, office desk, computer, car and all that you use and spend your valuable time on it because well-organized stuff can save a lot of your time and give self-satisfaction instead of looking for your stuff here and there and end up wasting hours.
  • Stay away from distractions, it can be the distraction from people who talk too loud or talk too much unnecessary stuff, places where you are not comfortable like crowded environment or too hot or too cold place, a distraction from the loud sound and a lot of other distractions can lose focus from your work. Losing focus in work results in taking more time to complete the work.
  • Do not spend too much time in certain things that are less important like checking the phone all the time, playing video games for long hours, watching TV for hours, sleeping more hours and waking up very late in the morning.
  • Following a daily routine helps to make use of the time in a better way and can have a feeling of a very well-spent day.
  • Never set the high expectation to complete several numbers of tasks at a time that will end up in frustration. Maintain expectation level by planning to complete a limited number of tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

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4 months ago

Implementing your habits is like sowing seeds of wisdom. Your blog is the fertile ground, and I’m cultivating a garden of well-being in my life.

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