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Plans are for the future and the futility of planning for tomorrow and unpredictability of tomorrow is best pictured by Omar Khayyam, a Persian tent maker, through his 21st Rubayath.

The moving finger writes and having writ moves on;

Neither all thy piety nor wit can lure it to cancel half a line!

Nor all your Tears wash out a word of it.

But this is epicurean and sidesteps the intent of life. Life, through the living and the all looming, ultimate fate is a game plan that no one can predict. But the future has no relevance unless the “now” is lived effectively. Planning for a good “future”, without a good “today” is a peep into a void, very often, unpredictable and could change to good or bad. How “today” is lived, can make a good “future”.

While, to plan for a happy future; a happy retired life is what we dream of and invest in, planning for the future without consideration of the next generation will be rot with havoc.

Basic health and mobility are worth planning for and investing in. Planning to stay healthy, ensuring being able to move around are good investments. Sex does not matter in the long run but companionship does. The wellbeing of the companion shall be primary, without which any amount of planning for the future will fail. Plan for the basics of food, shelter and clothing for two.

Any plan for the future can be futile as no one knows what fate has in store. Save for the future? Yes! But ensuring that savings stand in good stead without dependence needs to be primordial. However much things are planned, it does not take a moment for things getting out of hand, as the future could not be as realistic as a dream, a mirage seldom reached.

Illness could be a matter of concern in the long run to the future. Here again, planning for two would go a long way to ensure contentment. If parents are along, then your plans need to include them too. All aspects of the future shall have the parent component in relevance.

If the house has been built for a living but is not a home where each one is comfortable despite criticisms, then the abode is sure to be irksome. So making a home out of a house now is the best investment for the future and let future take its course. Making sure that a home stays safe all through life and everyone in the family is aware of safe living, is planning for a safe future.

The body is a gift to relish. Investing for physical and mental capabilities, mobility, good ablutions, hygiene, creative rest hours and being around and useful, is a well-planned investment. Planning for the future is to learn to stay alive mentally and physically and forget the walking stick.

Ensuring good and safe food and learning to read are factors that enrich life. Books are someone else’s thoughts, dreams and fantasies. Fantasizing being a King and learning to use wits and hands add richness to life. That is an investment to future. The best plan for the future is an investment in learning, developing and acquiring knowledge appropriate to skills and tempering acumen with training. No one can steal from the brain. Skills and knowledge that contribute to the joy of life, subtended with savings are the requisites for planned investment in life.

“Ah my beloved, fill the cup that clears today,

Past regrets and future fears;

Tomorrow! Why? Tomorrow I may be

Myself with yesterdays’ seven thousand years’ (Omar Khayyam)

Planning for a full life is one that lives today well and invests for the next generation.

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5 months ago

Implementing your habits is like weaving a tapestry of health in the desert of well-being challenges. Your blog is the loom, and I’m the weaver.

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