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We have fear – it’s an emotion and that’s too normal as breathing. When talking about our greatest fears, one among such fears is the fear that we are always behind others in the race. People mostly find it frustrating while taking part in the race of life. The main issue of fear arises when we stuck in life with some sort of fear and unable to move forward the life with taking necessary changes.

They tend to be frustrated and confused and at the same time scared that what they are doing is not right or that others are far better than them. This simple thought makes them immobile and unproductive. Whatever they do in such a situation will turn out to be a great mess or failure are they are not sure what they are doing.

Such people have the greatest goal in life to live without any fear or panic. Such a situation normally makes them drain out and always sweat hard even though they know the results are not as good as they expect.

Is it possible to overcome this particular fear?

It is common for us to feel that we are behind and that we are taking the wrong way. The feeling that we are not able to handle everything well is the worst fear when it comes to doing any new task. The reasons behind this fear are mainly due to:

  • Our desire to do things in a different way from the rest of the world
  • The feeling of uncertainty inside us, but our wish to have a firm hold on the situation
  • Thinking more about the difficulties of the situation which mainly causes anxiety and fear which can turn things in a negative way.

There is always this thought to keep ourselves firm to the ground and handle everything with perfection. But at times too much of stress will make things go wrong. The struggle is always something that we make and so we need to control it.

Be open to your situation

If we do not have a good idea about such things in life, then it will become very hard to handle it. We simply have to leave the tension from the body and feel closely the uncertainty, stress and anxiety that we face often. This has to be made a practice each day. You need to reach out to it and then find relaxation. Understand that fear, stress and some amount of panic is fine in our lives. We just have to behave an intimacy with our situation and gradually we will be able to overcome it.

It is a fact that we do not want to face a situation that is filled with fear, anxiety and panic often. The idea about ourselves, whether we are not good enough to work on what we are meant to work on, and the idea that we might make a mistake is a really tiring process for us.

The very thought of it will create tension in the mind. Just make sure that you turn yourself towards it and reach out to it. This can decrease your tension and anxiety and help you ward off your fears. It can be painful, but when we accept such a situation and try to be more open to our weaknesses, we will be able to come up with the situation successfully. We can become more perfect when we go deep into the problem and try to polish our skills to bring complete perfection to the work or task that we are to do. Blaming others for this situation does not help you at all. You need to be the one in control and take the necessary steps to perfect what you think you are not capable of doing. This can help a lot in changing our mentality and to act more positively. Simply practice and learn new tactics suitable for your task and you will be able to get the confidence in completing the task without any flaws.

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2 months ago

Your advice is like a compass in the wilderness of health misinformation. Your blog is the guide, directing me to the right path of well-being.

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