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Setting up a specific goal, followed by necessary actions towards the goal is the best way to achieve what we want in life

Those actions which you set hoping yourself to get there may sometimes be successful but sometimes may become a great failure. I used to set goals for everything that I wished to achieve. This was how I approached my habits too. As I said I succeeded in a few and failed many thus realized that actions have more priority than results.

You will surely aim at winning a championship if you’re a coach. You recruit the players under a system. Make them trained.

If a musician, you’ll always be in search of a new kind of music, one that should be different from all the current works of yours or anyone else.

Now, can I raise a question here?  That is will there be a success without goal setting. For example, if you’re a student and you continuously did your works without even producing a vision of the exam. Will you be able to pass the exam with good scores?

My answer will be yes!

Haven’t you noticed that the setting up of a goal is not the key factor of success. ?

Yes, the actions speak louder than words? The goal may be to win the game, but to win the game, what counts is the amount of work you’ve put behind your goal. I mean the practise you’ve undergone through.

But, here I don’t mean that goals are useless. Because setting up of direction needs goals in mind. To set a goal is hence necessary. But most importantly a system should be created according to the goal. Working on that system makes winners.

Everyone has goals.

Winners are those who came first, scored high. But the competition had many participants, and each had the goal to be the first one to win or pass the competition. All athletes running in track aims at getting first and winning gold. But not all win the race. Here what matters is the system. The practice. The effort which you’ve put under that system. Implementation of small and big differences on the system on yourself marks the change and decides whether you’ll be a winner or loser. The goal which you have here will make you ambitious but the planning and execution of the system make you different.

Treat the cause, not the symptom.

True results will only show up if you’re ready to treat the cause and not the symptom. Dealing with symptoms will be like cleaning your room on a sudden tendency. A sudden initiative will clean the area, but weeks after that the area will be messy in the same way.  That means a permanent change will only be possible by making a clean system to follow up. So treat the Cause, not the symptom.

It’s easy to create goals, but working upon goals is an improvement. If you want to do something about the results, do something on the system. The system causes results. To work more on the system and results will hike.

Happiness and Goals

The most often scenario, I should explain here is that most of you think that you’ll be happy if you achieve your goals. But it’s not. Happiness is not something that achieving goals provide you. It’s just an assumption. An unwanted one. Progression is what you should consider. Always put works not to achieve results but to make progressions.

You’ll eventually be happy if you’re focusing on progressing yourself.

So connecting results with happiness are not worthy.

Connect happiness with the system. Fall in love with the system you follow. Find happiness in the process rather than the product. If you’re keeping a good system running, you’ll be happy always without looking into the future.

Goals when fueled by results.

When you’re aiming at results, you’ll certainly run after it with all the motivation you’re left with. But what happens when you have achieved the results. There will be no motivation or energy left to move forward. Neither will you be having any progressive thoughts or deeds.

It is your commitment towards the system that makes you progressive and successful

Start working Stop dreaming

I don’t believe that goals are useless. I believe goals are necessary for obtaining a clear vision. It helps in the development of a good system, which will create progressive success. Goals can certainly give you the potential to aim. Your commitment towards the system makes the real change

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4 months ago

    An essential resource for habit formation. The blog is a constant source of positivity.”

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