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‘Habits are very important’. Habits shape our lives more than the fact we realize. Habits are very strong. Certainly, our brain clings to them at the exclusion of everything – including common sense. About more than 40 per cent of the actions that perform every day aren’t actual decisions, but habits.

Not only are habits important, but they grow stronger over time and become more automatic. So make sure the habits you are having are the right ones!

Habits are very powerful as they can create neurological cravings: Some behaviours are rewarded by the let out of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain.

At the time a habit pop up, the brain stops fully in participating the decision making.

If we can know how habits work through the habit loop will make us easier to take control over them. Habits actually shape our everyday activities that grow stronger the more we perform them. This process takes habits from proactively making decisions to becoming more and more pre-programmed.

Habits might be the base of your success – or maybe your ruination. Yet in spite of the importance of habits, only a few people know much about how they work. It is a fact that a habit is something we do regularly without consciously thinking much about it. It is a reflexive mental and behavioural activity. It will make it possible for us to do things without spending outrageous mental effort. Above all, a habit can make everyday life possible – for good or bad.

In the case of a student, study habits help students make their studies easier to understand and also make their learning experience cosy and enjoyable. To have good study habits are important for a student as it will help them to improve their academic skills and learning.

Most students study only for the sake: they do not develop a learning habit. They work on assignments only as of the assessment deadlines approach. The students do only what is necessary to achieve their targeted marks: they do not learn to take on newer, progressively harder challenges. Then there are habits that obstruct academic productivity, such as to postpone working on important projects and else spending times on emails, web surfing or trivial admin tasks. Mental habits are also important. In recent years, researchers become enlightened of the importance of habits. Let us now consider what is required to become an exceptional violinist. Research on expert performance shows the key is only “deliberate practice.” Developing a habit of daily intentional practice is the most important thing to be learned for the goal of expert performance.

Researchers discovered that the mental circuits having underlying habits never depart. If you have a habit of smoking, the urge to smoke can never be entirely annihilated. There will be a change in routine or behaviour. When the familiar indication occurs, you can do something different, such as to chew some gum.

For getting a higher performance in the writing program, daily writing should be a keystone habit. Writing every day stimulates creativity, focuses ideas about what needs to be read, fosters research planning, and much else. However, there’s no CEO of research who has yet understood the value of implementing policy to stimulate daily writing.

Habits are important in maintaining tyranny: people become used to dominating or tolerating.

It is important to do some practical investigation to find out what the cues are for your habits and what actions you can use to replace your routine behaviour. It is important to investigate to discover the cue for your email habit and trial it with replacement activities. It’s not as easy as it seems. We can change habits, but it’s very difficult, as the dieters and smokers will tell you. The Power of Habit is an impressive and important work worth reading by anyone who wants to understand habits and how to change them. It has far-reaching implications for teaching, research and organisational behaviour.

Thus, habits play an important role in your life. Having good habits will lead you to an effective life. Having bad habits, on the other hand, will lead you to failures. So it’s essential if you want to change your life, be intentional in building your habits.

Entail that you build good habits.


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2 months ago

Reading your posts is like embarking on a wellness journey with a trusted guide. Your insights are my compass to a healthier life.

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