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The Power of Habit is built on an energising argument: understanding how habits function is the key to exercising regularly, losing weight, becoming more productive, and attaining success. As Duhigg demonstrates, we can improve our businesses, communities, and lives by embracing this new science. There are three parts to it: a cue, a routine, and a reward. Understanding these elements can aid in the formation of new habits or the modification of old ones. The habit loop is always initiated by a cue; a signal that switches the brain into a mode that automatically selects which habit to employ.

What are our options for changing our habits?

Procrastination is frequently referred to as a habit. There are, in fact, self-help books with this title. When it comes to habits, here are a few key points from Charles Duhigg that I’d like to reiterate. Breaking habits necessitates the development of a new behavioural pattern, a new powerful response, and a new habit. A decision to “just get started” or “just say no” can be a powerful initial step in the change process. It is not the only step, but it is an important one to take first. It’s just that we might come up with alternative approaches.

Habits can be changed

A sleep-walking murderer might argue that he wasn’t aware of his habit and thus isn’t responsible for his crime, but practically all of the other patterns in most people’s life — how we eat, sleep, and talk to our children, how we unconsciously spend our time, attention, and money — are habits that we are aware of. And once you realise that habits can be changed, you have the power and obligation to do so. The force of habit becomes simpler to grasp if you realise that habits can be recreated, and the only alternative left is to go to work.”  “Once you realise that habits can be changed, you have the power and obligation to do so.” . . . The strength of habit becomes simpler to grasp if you realise that habits can be recreated, and the only option left is to go to work.”

Understand the root cause

The procrastination behaviour can be broken, and studying why we postpone and how that connects to your specific behaviour can help you identify the keystone behaviour that will help you change. Perhaps your procrastination stems from internalised excessive expectations of others, as well as an irrational internal debate. Maybe you cannot endure irritation or delayed pleasure; you always want to feel wonderful right away. Maybe it’s a case of persistent disarray. It doesn’t matter what it is; it is something, and it can change. You’ll be able to leverage change to more life-giving behaviours rather than self-defeating ones like procrastination if you can find that keystone habit.

We are making the habits

As we take seriously our freedom and responsibility for transformation, the final step is always our own. What a beautiful potential our agency offers for us, as we shape our own lives and improve our well-being on our terms. “Once we pick who we want to be, people grow to the method in which they have been exercised…” Habit can be a life-giving, even life-saving force in our lives. The change becomes real if you feel you can change and make it a habit. This is where habit’s true power lies. The realisation that your habits are what you make them. It’s not only real, but it starts to seem inevitable once that choice occurs and becomes routine, regular.” It claims that if you keep the initial cue, replace the pattern, and keep the reward, change will happen eventually, albeit those who don’t believe in what they’re doing will most likely fall short of expectations and give up.

Habits are significant in more ways than one. They become stronger and more automatic as time passes. So double-check that you’ve got the appropriate ones! Habits have such sway because they trigger neural cravings: The release of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain rewards a specific behaviour. Above all, more than 40% of what people do each day is habits rather than actual decisions. Also, we are what we do over and over again, greatness, which is not an act but a habit.

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