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The reason why we search about productive life is quite simple.  A productive life is equal to a happy life.  But most of us will insist on wasting time, which makes it hard to live a productive life. If you tried and be more productive than average people, you can secure more in your carrier.  If you can learn more, you can do more and eventually are rewarded more.

When we talk about productivity we can add about being effective too.  Because productivity doesn’t means or convey that you will get the right things done.

It only suggests that you will get a lot of things done.  But that does not matter.

Effectiveness forever refers to getting the right things done.

What is the matter that earns the mote is to do your job well, earn money, living a meaningful life, or learning new skills and improving the skills that had.  Otherwise, you just continue running around a circle.  You may seem to appear busy, but you can’t achieve anything meaningful. In other words, we can say that it’s easy to stay engaged in doing useless doesn’t bring you closer to the outcome that you wish.  It is considered a pure wastage of time.

The results matter the most.  Practically that means you might have been working for 12 hours a day but if you don’t experience any personal growth, emotional growth, financial growth, you are not effective. Everyone has doubts and often someone even has asked me where should they have to start? As an answer to this question, let me share one exercise, Procrastinate Zero. When do I ask you a question where does our time go? The answer might be I don’t know. Because they have lived a life do a task one after the other. The big things that you achieve in your life are not about unique moments it’s about how you behave on the day to day basis.

It is an exercise that I have adopted from Peter Drucker, who is one of the best and first thinkers when it comes to effectiveness for knowledge workers. Most of the books, articles, productivity tools, and productivity apps you see these days are all in a way influenced by Drucker, who invented the term personal effectiveness.  He had said once efficiency is doing the right things.  Yes, it’s very difficult to out what are the right things are.

Let’s start finding them through several steps;-

Step-1  Knowing thy time

We want to identify where our time goes. For that take a note pad and note down the timing and times that you had engaged in a day. The time we are using for sleeping, eating, using social Media, watching, reading, etc.

Step-2  Identify the non-productive work

Now you have a list of things that you are doing a day.

Now sort it out how you can optimize the usage of time.  Time wasting is something that does not contribute to the goal. If I do something that I have no outcome or which don’t make a way for my goal let’s identify those things. This method is very simple. Just ask yourself a question for yourself. And ask yourself what would happen if you would stop doing them. If the answer is all our life process will be in trouble, don’t change anything. If the answer is nothing would happen just kick it out.

We all do some kind of activities that will give us no or zero returns. Those activities may we can call as time-wasters.

Step-3  Eliminating

It’s very simple, is it? We want to make goals first.

When we check our activity log the things which don’t contribute to shaping our goals are time-wasting activity.

Start eliminates those things and consumes your important time. Little things that have a huge impact on your time. Identifying and eliminating them from our daily routine is very important and by doing such a practice we may consume a lot of time which we are wasting for unnecessary things. You don’t want to keep the log for 365 days. Instead, do it as two stretches in two or three weeks a year. That’s enough to identify new time wasters.  The additional benefit of practicing such a simple exercise is that it will make you think about your daily routine.

If we start wasting activities and they became habits. I have found his exercise to be one of the most powerful things to stop wasting time

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2 months ago

Your blog is like a gym for the mind, with each post being a workout session for a healthier brain. Thank you for the mental fitness regimen

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