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The success you are at now will be the outcome of your habits. Will Durant had said it excellently, We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.

But we can’t accept it 100, let me say that mediocrity is a result of average habit.

It means we can change mediocrity to excellence by changing our habits.

Let me clarify my statement that by changing your life habits you can change your life. But it won’t guarantee success. If we search that what are the habits of a millionaire it may give the results like; they may sleep only 2 hours a day, won’t eat rice at dinner, wear only a white coat, etc. It doesn’t mean that if you follow those habits like you began to sleep only for 2 hours a day, restrict yourself from eating rice at dinner, won’t make you a millionaire. Besides some kind of good habits, hard work and dedication are too needed for a successful life.

Nassim Taleb once had written about it in Fooled By Randomness that Hard work, showing up on time, wearing a clean (preferably white) shirt, using deodorant, and some such conventional things contribute to success—they are certainly necessary but may be insufficient as they do not cause success.

So let me clarify that here I am talking about how we can improve our quality of life by making changes in our actual behavior. Now let’s discuss how we can get improved by ourselves.

Deciding valuable habits

The main point is that only you can decide what good habit you need to improve or to adopt in your life. We all need a reasonable change. You should adopt habits that bring you closer to the things you want in life. Only you can decide what are the habits that you want to enforce in your life. No one else can force you to choose any kind of habit. If you really want to start any kind of habit or really wish to make any kind of improvements in your ongoing habits you itself want to take initiative. No one else can do anything in it. Others can only have the ability to motivate you or have the capacity to help you for starting a habit.

Avoid multiple focusing 

Don’t focus on multiple habits. That is if you want to improve or to start a new habit, that you are planning more than one habit to implement. But for the successful installation of a habit, one should focus only on one habit at a time. We can do all things one by one.

We can achieve A LOT over a long period.

Start from the ground

We should always start new things from a low level. That is setting a bar at a low level. For example, you want to start a new habit like running. You already know how to run but it’s not your habit. You just want to start it from the beginning. So first you have to walk, then to run slowly than to start covering small-small distance. Don’t get started to run over a distance of 10 km on the first day itself.

Before we do something big let’s start small. As Leo Tolstoy, on his book War and Peace, said that “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

So start focusing on small things that build a strong foundation.

Make use of a checklist

We should use a checklist to remain ourselves of what we are trying to achieve.  It’s better to make a checklist and check daily whether the habit you start was still containing are not

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6 months ago

Your habits are like affirmations for my well-being. Each one is a positive mantra that contributes to the symphony of a healthier life.

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