12 Tips for Breaking Bad Habits

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Bad habits can cause us anger, pain, frustration, embarrassment and often get us in trouble. We waste so much energy, time, money, and comprise our health and relationships due to bad habits. Bad habits left unchecked, can bring negative consequences in many areas of one’s life. With time, this cycle can impact the ability to work effectively, keep good relationships and live an enjoyable, happy and productive life. Because of the negative effects of bad habits, it is best to look for ways to break them. Here are 12 effective and easy things to break your bad habits.

1. Realize your habits

You will not be able to change your bad habits until you realize and identify them. After doing so, start to observe yourself around the habit. Keep a track of when, where, how, why, who do you have that bad habit? Once you see that, it would be easy for you to break the pattern.

2. Focus on 1 habit at a time

You need to consciously focus on breaking your bad habit until it completely goes away. So it is better to put all your focus, will power and attention on one habit at a time.

3. Stay motivated

It is true that bad habits are resistant to change. But, you need to build strong will power and motivation to ensure you change them. Just consider the short and long term consequences of continuing your bad habit! Make a list of the benefits you will get by breaking the bad habit and read over them every morning and night to keep yourself motivated.

4. Replace your lost needs

At a certain point, your bad habits were most likely used for filling an emotional need. You will need to replace your bad habits with some good ones. It may sound hard, but it really is simple if you keep it steady and stay punctual. 

5. Plan and decide

Plan out and closely decide what you want instead of your bad habit.

6. Avoid Triggers

To stick to your routine, you should avoid situations and people that trigger your bad habit.

8. Record your progress regularly

Regularly recording your progress will help you stay motivated and focused on the goal and help easily identify problems you are facing if any.

9. Use rewards and punishments to stay on track.

Make a promise to yourself that you will keep a thorough record of your progress and reward and punish yourself on your setbacks. It will be like the extra motivation to reach your goal. You can use not only big rewards for getting to your ultimate goal, but small and frequent rewards for your weekly or daily successes.

10. Build-in accountability

Tell your friends and family about your goal and commitment to the new “good” habit and ask for their support by helping you stay steady all through. You can also seek the help of an exercise buddy which will help you form your habit and stay away from the bad ones.

11. Experiment with your habits

On the route of changing your bad habit, you may need to work on different ways to keep yourself going, without setbacks. If one thing does not work for you, change it and follow, a new one to stay away from the bad habit.

12. Get back on track immediately

There are chances that you will make mistakes and have some ups and downs. Learn from your mistakes and setbacks and make a record of corrections, as necessary.

People who have tried to change a bad habit, they will know it is not an easy business. For more Help, get in touch with Living In Wellbeing!

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6 months ago

Your blog is like a mirage of health wisdom in the desert of confusion. Grateful for the clarity and guidance you provide in my well-being journey

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