Three Strategies for Behaviour Change

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Self-improvement is a constant process. Everyone wants to bring changes to their lives that will help them improve their lifestyle but often struggle. Developing or maintaining good habits requires behaviour change. However, people often tend to stick to a particular kind of method or lifestyle if they were successful in the past. They do not realise that sticking to one particular approach may not be a great idea. In this article, you will learn about the different strategies for behaviour change.

  • Bottom-Up Strategy

The bottom-up strategy is one of the most direct approaches to behaviour change. In this strategy, you start by doing things that are direct to the change. Like you want to exercise regularly than you start by exercising every day. This strategy can sometimes be difficult because it requires bigger changes in your lifestyle and attention to smaller details are also required. Therefore, with the bottom-up strategy, you install a direct behaviour change.

  • Top-Down Strategy

The top-down strategy involves starting with a goal so that during the process you will automatically learn about the different habits that are required. Sometimes to achieve your goal, a lot of habits needs a change and this may look difficult. But with the top-down approach, all you need to do is keep your goals in mind and focus on it. During the whole process, you will be able to reorganize your downstream behaviour.

  • Inside-Out Strategy

Inside-out strategy is all about making a conscious decision to be a different person. This strategy can make you a powerful person if you are successful. In this approach the focus is not achieving your goals or thinking about your behaviour, instead, the stress is on how you can become a different kind of a person. The problem with this approach is that people tend to focus on becoming idealised versions rather than realising the realistic instantiations of their own identity.

Since the above-mentioned strategies are different from each other it is important to know when or where to use them. Let us see how to use the above strategies.

  • If you want a new kind of behaviour and the target is not too big than the bottom-up approach is a good strategy to adopt.
  • When the goal is big and it requires many behavioural changes top-down approach is good.
  • When you aim to become a different kind of person and there is no focus on goal than inside-out strategy is one of the best approaches to follow.

The above mentioned are some of the strategies and ways to bring behaviour change. If at any point in life, you need any assistance regarding improving your lifestyle and learning healthy habits through behaviour changes, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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