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With a place to sleep, food for sustenance and a companion to satiate libido, I am in the group of the vast number of beings that instinctively move in search of these to survive- the animal kingdom. When once the thought of clothing, to hide the nature, comes in, then it is one step into the realm known as “Human”, which –voluntarily- moves and seeks all the basics of- food, shelter, movement and clothing.

Voluntary actions come from reasoning, the thinking of why and how things happen. While instincts provide for involuntary actions and movement, “reasoning” initiates voluntary activities which is a combined effect of instinct, reasoning, movement and creativity that has put a man on the highest level of beings. From the wheel to the space shuttle it has been the application of all these traits.

Man has gone beyond the basic requirements having learnt to reason; questioning why and how, to when, where, how much. This sense of reasoning imbibed at childhood, matures through nurtured training and education and daydreaming. Daydreaming is inherent to human nature only, which enables creativity.

With achieving basic requirements I go into the comfortable, but a lazy stage of hibernation, where the will to act, respond and dream, come to rest and from when life becomes dull. Negativity steps in and life become a meaningless wait for death.

“Being a human and as only humans seek comfort through instinctive and voluntary stimuli, nurtured by training and education; my thought processes are paramount to me to prevent hibernation”. So why not think of effectively bettering life through effectively thinking, to be creative?

No matter what, the basic instincts of the animal stay inherent; the instinct for survival stays paramount. It is a combined thought of food, shelter, movement, clothes and the libido that sustains the self throughout. Creativity adds charm to life. Charm in life is not possible without a “free will”. Free will to a better life for the self and humanity at large comes from the positive application of the thought process and creativity.

Effective thinking is the application of skills from nurtured training, information from education, knowledge from eagerness to learn and experience from exposure to doing, to achieve planned results for a creative and better life.

Alfred Nobel did not intend his “Gun Powder” as a means for destruction. Nuclear warfare was never the intent of nuclear science initiated by Henri Becquerel, Pierre Curie and Marie Curie. And where are we now, having fought two world wars and praying that the next does not happen?

Thoughts detrimental to life are negative and undesirable. The positivity of life perishes with negative thinking or reasoning though it is hard to unlearn a bad lesson well-learnt habit, we need to inculcate learning and understanding the good for the self and society. Once we understand that our thought process needs to change to gain positivity in life, we need to go back to our “free will”, to apply skills learnt and apply them creatively through life.

  1. Your body is a gift- so nourish it appropriately with food, care and charm.
  2. Written documents are the thoughts of creative people and are pointers to positive thinking and imagination which lead to creativity. So read.
  3. Wakeful hours are our wealth. Use them effectively by falling back on skills, knowledge and experience and dreams. Sleep like a baby but for not more than six hours.
  4. Procrastination has been the bane of many individuals. But do only what needs to be done now.
  5. Food is your right, good food a privilege, but safe food is your responsibility.

Life is worthwhile living and Positive thoughts pay

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5 months ago

Your blog is like a wellness oasis in the desert of health challenges. Your insights are the cool, refreshing water that sustains my well-being.

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