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The importance of the role of teachers for imparting knowledge from young children to grown-up people is always accepted and appreciated by society. They give children values, nurture them as successful citizens, and inspire them as a drive to do well and succeed in life. The relationship between student and teacher plays an important role in the path of a child’s academic success and social development. The students should always have a good relationship and communication with their teachers throughout the carrier. We should understand that teaching is a noble profession in all aspects. The teacher will be an inspiration for others. Nobody will forget their best teacher in life. Now let us discuss some habits of a great teacher.

  1. Create meaningful relationships with students.
    The teacher should always have a sympathetic and empathetic approach to students and they should always try to understand their feelings and emotions and mental capabilities and skills. Teachers who can understand, appreciate, and respect students beyond academics help children feel cared for and increase their ability to care for others.
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skill-. Communication is very important in language learning as that is the main aim of a language class to enable learners to communicate in the new language. He/she should be a good listener and also be able to communicate clearly so that learners from different background can understand the teacher.
  3. Classroom Management & Meaningful Lessons: As a teacher, we need to set objectives and plan the lessons along with activities. Apart from this, well classroom management is important, which involves lesson planning as well as managing different learners with different learning styles and behaviours in the classroom. Also, be aware of the latest technologies in education.

• An understanding of different culture is important: Since students are coming from different cultures, it will be beneficial for a teacher to know about other cultures also. If a teacher can use the customs and traditions of various cultures while teaching, then the learners don’t feel completely alienated.

• Empathy Opens Doors: Teaching is humanistic. So, empathy is a prerequisite quality for teachers. Not all people have an easy life. Some are performing badly due to stress that interferes with their ability to pay attention. Another may be shy or bullied and hence doesn’t participate in classroom discussions. The teacher should always be alert and attentive with regards to the students to who they are teaching new knowledge. Empathy builds trust and can dissolve barriers to learning.

• Ability to think and act quickly teacher must be able to quickly think on their feet and to respond with new ways to present concepts. Different learners may respond differently to a lesson and a teacher can explain the same thing differently to each learner using diverse examples and activities. To keep learners engaged and to attain objectives. An educator must think out of the box.

• Motivation is an important factor teacher is a leader because they must encourage learners to meet a common goal. Like any good leader, a good teacher must know how to motivate learners to continue life-long learning. A teacher must create enthusiasm to learn by understanding the needs of the learners. Understanding the needs of the learner is necessary as a teacher can encourage a student to meet their personal needs and sustain their interest in learning. Also, be Reflective.
Continuously work on these characteristics while remembering that instructors are consistently on an excursion and never a completed item. Teachers must also love language and its intricacies, but that alone will not be enough… A teacher must be able to identify the strengths of a learner as well as their weaknesses, know the most appropriate methods of skill transfer, and possess immense patience to make a jump from a common man to an educator.

  • Above all successful teachers have clear objectives. …
  • Successful teachers have a sense of purpose. …
  • Successful teachers can live without immediate feedback. …
  • Successful educators realize when to tune in to students and when to overlook them.
  • Successful teachers have a positive attitude.

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3 months ago

Motivation to break free from limiting beliefs. Wisdom is a guiding light for me.

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