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My 45 years of Professional experience as a Medical Practitioner & as a General Surgeon working at various parts of Kerala, India revealed a lot of Insightful Thoughts & Facts in life, especially about the persons seeking Health Support in various categories. Later in my career, after extensive research & study I have found that along with physical cure or healing Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Cure or Healing is needed for all to experience a state of Wellbeing, Harmony & Happiness. Moreover, Pain is an alarming symptom which needs total cure of the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Levels

Just like a virus creating a problem to the personal computer, our negative thoughts, emotions, words, situations, challenges, comments, images & the like many things will act as a virus and will affect our mind & brain (The Biggest Sophisticated Computer) and our whole physical and mental functioning become deranged or corrupted & will present as various physical & mental diseases and illness. Usually the physical symptoms are manifested very gradually and will be noticed only when it becomes an emergency. When we say the virus, it is a negative thought or a script which was registered in our mind & brain at some point of time, knowingly or unknowingly.

You know by virtue of my profession, I was doing surgery on the human body for various surgical problems and fully engaged in clinical practice. Later, I started doing surgery on myself; I was dissecting and analyzing each every part of my mind and psyche with the sharp knife of my intellect. Over the years, I was a Surgeon of the Human Body, now I am a Surgeon of the Human Mind.

With this understanding & awareness, I had filtered & customized the recent advances in Science, Technology, Neural Sciences, Psychology, and Spirituality, Mind Re-Programming and the like many methods & finally evolved a process called PSYCHO-TECHNOLOGY.

Really, it is a blend of Age Old Vision & Wisdom with New Age Scientific Knowledge aiming at eradicating the deep-rooted Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Tension, Conflicts and the like Negative Emotions & Mental Blocks, enabling each and everybody to experience & enjoy a Stress-Free, Harmonious, Happy & Balanced Life.

Psycho Technology (Technology for Mind Re- Programming)

The methodology we are presenting is working at the subtle level of the Human Mind- at the Sub-neuronal level of the Human brain, resulting in radical positive transformation in our innermost being and our entire life, with special emphasize in changing our habits and behavior

Our Psycho-Technology helps each and everybody to experience and enjoy total change in our whole life from birth to death for the entire humanity irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, religion, locality, country and for that matter the whole world. We are offering a technology with a set of tools, working at the subtle level of the Human mind and brain. The whole spiritual knowledge and wisdom is being up-dated with the newest scientific and technical knowledge.

Why Habits are Important in Our Life

When we analyze our life from various perspectives, it is very clear that all our day to day activities are a set of mental programs running from our early childhood. The interesting finding is that, all this programs later becomes our habits and behavior. Let us understand that the so called success and failure are the end result of various habits. So really habits are the most important things in our life. Every change that we make in life is also a change in habit.

Routines or as we say habits ought to be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. They become such a part of your daily schedule that they become who you are. Habits allow you to build environments to do everything with high efficiency. They can be extremely useful and it is perhaps impossible to run our lives without them. It is so because they are to a large extent the basis of your success or even your downfall.

A habit is something you do repeatedly without consciously thinking about it. It shapes your life far more than you realize. Our brains are a very powerful tool. It is constantly scanning for things and patterns in our lives which it can then turn into a habit. They are said to create neurological cravings where there is a release of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain as a form of reward for performing the behavior.

Understanding the need for Habits

Habits play a role of paramount importance in simplifying our lives. We as humans make a lot of small to big decisions in our daily life and all our choices and decisions require some amount of mental energy. We get susceptible to fatigue since this energy is finite during the day. That is where habits come in and play an important role because you do not have to choose or train your mind all over again to perform actions— you just do it.

Habits are encoded in the structures of our brain that helps save us a lot of effort because we do not have to relearn everything we do. This automatization of your actions leaves ample more energy at your disposal that can be used to focus on other tasks. They reduce the amount of sensory stimuli we need to process. They help to create routine, order and efficiency.

Are Habits productive or harmful?

Unfortunately, our subconscious mind does not distinguish between good and bad habits. It simply plays by a rule where anything that is repeated over time has the potential to become a habit.

Our actions determine our outcomes. We tend to associate habits with the bad doings such as consuming alcohol or drugs, smoking, eating unhealthy food etc. However, people also form good habits such as exercising, talking politely, being selfless and kind etc. Healthy habits may be hard to develop as compared to bad habits for the only reason that the resistance power required is more. But if you are keen to make sacrifices to better your health, the effect can be far-reaching, irrespective of your age, sex, or physical ability.

Bad habits have the opposite effect and can lock us into rigid or negative patterns of behavior. They can be damaging to our health and overall wellbeing.

It is up to you to decide what actions or routines you would like to have and how you want to use the habit loop to your advantage. The key to creating a positive change in yourself is to turn your desired actions into habits.

And finally I have understood that every change in our life-let it be physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual for that matter any change is really a change in habit.

Now there is sufficient scientific evidence that all habits are various mental programs acquired in our life, knowingly or unknowingly at any point of time from the early childhood. All our daily patterns, routines or various practices, our lifestyle, liking, disliking, love, affections, emotions, anger, vengeance, anxiety, tension, worry, lacks of self-esteem and confidence in our success and failure, our goal setting our motivational speech, our relationship, our interaction, communications, and the like everything in our life is a habit which is a running program in our mind.

The interesting thing is that when habits are nurtured or maintained for a long time it will become a behavioral of pattern and gets hard-wired in our mind and brain. Then it becomes very difficult for most of us to change.

But my friends, brothers, sisters and children don’t believe it – definitely we can undo any habit and behavior if we really want to change. Yes, if we really want.

This is the crux of the problem

I do emphasize that if we really want to change any habit or behavior, it is the easiest thing in our life
Yes, we can unwind it and can be removed totally and replaced or re-programmed by any good habit we really want to have. This is really Psychotechnology or Reprogramming for changing any behavior or habit in our life.

With this idea in my mind, I had extensively researched, collected and created a lot of habit changing information and I am planning to submit/publish the same in this domain.


The content, the articles, the newsletters and the services we provide will be at par with recent advances in all areas of life with special focus of our mind and mind changing programs and other human life things. This vision behind this blog will really make a tremendous change in the attitude, approach and perception of the entire humanity by enabling them to change their habits by utilizing some of the precious tips and tools that we provide. We are providing a series of new habit changing programs in the coming days.

We are happy to announce a new application “Habits Doctor” which will monitor your life and always direct you to live in the right and straight path, guiding you to become a better and a successful person in life.

Hope that this new beginning will be the beginning of a great change in the so called difficult area in our life i.e. Changing Our Habits.

Let all of you get associated and connected with us and you can also contribute relevant articles and also make suggestions related to this niche.

With an Attitude of Gratitude
Habits Doctor

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5 months ago

Implementing your habits is like building a skyscraper of well-being. Your blog is the architectural plan, and I’m constructing a tower of health.

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