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Problems are irritants to normal life. Rest is the state of mind that the physical being craves for, but irritants do occur, once very often, disturbing the normal state of everyone’s life. But is it humanly possible to remain calm when facing a problem?

Wants are the source of problems to normal life and are basically from thoughts of imminent danger to life, safety, shelter, clothing, food or worst of all hurt to the ego. Ignoring such irritants to life could prove catastrophic to life. To overcome problems one needs to act. To act needs rational thinking. Rational thinking is only possible through a calm state of mind but not inaction.

Remaining calm to let a problem die out may be possible if realising that the fallout from the problem would be minimal; there then, the mind would not have been calm but has realised that the after-effect would die down too, with no harm to body, mind, property and to the ego and life would be normal or the hurt would be minimal.

Every problem does not die out without harm. Some could cause damages far beyond one’s reckoning. But being calm does not mean that the problem is left to take its course and fade-out, though it sometimes happens; but then the mind has to be ready to face consequences.

Some problems are unavoidable and remain long time irritants to the psyche, and usually, some learn to live with it- through a “practised calm” disposition, very often aware of the consequences and some fail and feel deprived and lost. To be free of issues in life is impossible and to remain calm always is unimaginable. It is humanly impossible to remain calm when facing one that is a threat to life, ego and property.

The mind and the body retaliate to be free of irritants that spell doom. Being realistic is the only way to overcome difficult situations, and to be realistic needs factual thinking about the cause of the issue and its aftermath. The fallout of any action contemplated also needs to be considered for a winning situation. Being realistic requires that the mind stays calm and ready to react effectively to the situation. A disturbed mind cannot be calm and does not make effective decisions. A perfect choice of action in a difficult situation is just a dream, as, sometimes a simple one snowballs into a behemoth when not addressed at the outset, and then the mind becomes unrealistic and the body responds, not realising the after-effects could sometimes be detrimental.

Every problem has a cause that may directly or sometimes indirectly be related to individuals and their actions, where the pain and concern are the same and sometimes prevail for a long time. This does not apply to disasters, natural or manmade. Natural disasters, epidemics and pandemics, devastating fires, wars and terrorism are irritants that cause colossal damage to life and property. While the human body yearns for rest, these irritants come calling when least expected. Being callous in such situations, without action, results in loss of life and property due to negligence. In such situations, mankind has put its effort and resources to salvage what is left. Manmade disasters are usually from carelessness and the ego. Being calm means rationalising the thought to find means to alleviate adversities, not inaction.

Nurture the Nature and its bounty and break free of the ego, and the mind becomes calm and the solution to any problem will be there in its entire panorama. Help is usually around the corner.

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5 months ago

you’re like a spice merchant, offering a variety of flavors for a tasteful journey toward well-being. Simply delightful

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