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Standard dictionaries define a habit as a regular way or manner of behaving or repetitively performing an activity. The definition highlights the words “regular” and “repetitive”. This repetitive nature of habits gains even more importance when these habits are used for maintaining health and fitness. Health can be maintained well only if there are repetition and regularity. Having a balanced meal with vegetables, salads, and fruits, or going for a walk once in a blue moon might not be as beneficial as replacing one meal with salad and having a twenty-minute walk every day. Here is a list of twenty such habits which can help you to shape your physical as well as mental health.

  1. Morning, evening or casual walks: Going for walks in the morning and evening can be very peaceful and refreshing. But sometimes you might not be able to take time out in those specific hours. Now, in this case, you can just walk to the grocery stores or your workplace. It would become a habit before you realize it!
  2. Stretching: Not keeping your muscles active might give you trouble later. So instead of having a proper workout routine, stretch your muscles once a day for a few minutes. It increases flexibility and keeps the muscles healthy.
  3. Work on your posture: It generally skips our mind to pay attention to our body posture, but we must do so. You can use phone reminders and sticky notes until they become a habit.
  4. Standing up regularly: Sitting at a desk for a long time can cause problems in the lower back. So you must stand up often and walk a few steps.
  5. Switch to the elevator: It might seem like a huge effort at the time, but with time, it doesn’t seem like it after a while.
  6. Playing outside: Rather than watching TV and online surfing, playing some games outside once in a while is both refreshing and beneficial.
  7. Keep your muscles active: Aging can lead to muscle loss and weakness. As a countermeasure, doing some light workout thrice a workout can be highly effective.
  8. Group activities: Involving your friends in group activities like a monthly run or a basketball game is both and very good for our physical health.
  9. Salads every day: Make it a routine to have salads as one meal every day. It will not be very difficult to do, but the effects it is significant.
  10. Smoothies: Making fruit smoothies are quite easy and quick, and they are a lot cheaper as well as healthier than the milkshakes and coffees purchased from restaurants. And they taste amazing too!
  11. Stop when you are full: You have to pay attention to when you are full, and you should stop. Most of the time we end up eating more than we are required to because of lack of attention.
  12. Have variety in your daily diet: Rather than sticking to fixed dishes for your meals, add options to your meals. This gives varied nutrients to our body.
  13. Set the right proportions: The first meal of the day needs to be high in energy-giving foods, and as we move forward, the meal size should decrease. According to this, adequate breakfast and a light dinner are appropriate.
  14. Adequate water consumption: Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, and loss of concentration. Therefore, it becomes crucial to stay well hydrated.
  15. Avoid eating out at lunch: It’s always a healthier, smarter and cheaper option to pack your lunch from home rather than going out for snacks and lunch.
  16. Cook at home: Cooking at home might take up some time of yours, but it is a better choice concerning health and affordability.
  17. Go offline: It sounds almost impossible to even think about putting your phone away. But disconnecting from the online world once in a while helps our creativity and peace of mind enormously.
  18. Meditation: Just some simple breathing exercises with meditation can help you relax and keep your calm effectively.
  19. Sleep well: Having a good night’s sleep is crucial for good physical and mental health. An uninterrupted seven to eight-hour sleep is necessary.
  20. Mini vacations: Taking some out for yourself is very important for a balanced and peaceful state of mind. Taking the weekend off for a solo vacation sometimes is the best way for this.

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4 months ago

your blog is like a potion for well-being, and each post is a magical ingredient. Thank you for brewing the elixir of health

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